The update caused widespread and systemic issues to users' HomeKit devices and setup and has been marked a major issue by Apple.

There is an option for users to update their Home app to a new, more stable architecture in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. The new architecture was offered as an update to the Home app following the release of the latest version of the software.

HomeKit devices, scenes, and setups were broken after the update despite Apple's claim that it would improve the Home app experience. Apple pulled the upgrade due to the widespread issues caused by the update.

The Home app update has been added to a database of both hardware and software issues, a rare move for a software related problem. Most hardware problems are not included in the list used by Apple, Apple Stores, and authorized service providers.

The Home app has been improved to offer "faster, more reliable performance," according to Apple. It's not clear when the issues with the update will be fixed. Users who are having issues after the update should follow the instructions given by the company.