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With their seventh consecutive playoff miss already assured and coach Nathaniel Hackett already fired, Russell Wilson's play has become a flash point for criticism from both near and far.

Hours after the Broncos fell to 4-11 with a 51-14 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at Sofi Stadium on Christmas Day, the Broncos fired their defensive backs coach. Wilson, who is on track for his career low in touchdown passes, has taken the brunt of the criticism as the Broncos have the lowest- scoring offense in the league.

Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler took to social media to defend Wilson from some of the criticism he has received.

Wilson's number goes above and beyond to do whatever it takes to win for the team according to Jeudy and Hamler.

After Thursday's practice, Jeudy defended Wilson.

The media is trying to make it seem like there is something going on in the locker room. I'm sick of reading things about my boy that make it seem like he isn't a good teammate.

Wilson, who signed a five-year, $225 million contract extension in September, has spent much of the season answering criticisms about his play. George Paton and Greg Penner were asked if Wilson's play was a factor in the firing of Hackett. During the team's trip to London in October, there were some of the most intense rounds of critique.

With each passing loss and each game in which Wilson has looked out of sync, discussions about how much Wilson can, and is willing to, repair his game in the coming season have become a hot topic.

"I just wanted to get it out in the air that he is a good teammate and that he is a hard worker, and I just feel like I need to get that out there because there's a lot of false narratives going around here that I'm getting tired of," Je

Some of the discussions about Wilson are kind of crazy and I don't know where some of the stuff comes from. Several high-profile Broncos have spoken in favor of Wilson in recent weeks.

Wilson acknowledged on Wednesday that the season has fallen far below expectations. Wilson promised to fix the issues that have plagued his play this season, and he wished he could have played better forHackett.

It's been a tough year because it's the first time in a long time that it's not been like that. My goal is still the same, but I have higher expectations.