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According to sources, Kevin Warren is a strong candidate to be the next president of the Bears.

According to sources, Warren is a serious candidate that he interviewed in person for the Bears' next president/CEO position.

The Bears are interested in Warren's experience as an executive with the Minnesota Vikings, according to sources. He was part of the team that helped build the stadium. The Bears purchased a large amount of land in Arlington Heights in order to build a new stadium in the near future.

It's not known who Warren has informed of his Bears candidacy, but sources say it's not something that's been circulating. The search is expected to be finished soon.

The Big Ten and Warren weren't reachable.

It's unusual for a sitting commissioner of a Power 5 conference to interview for a professional sports job and stay involved in the process for so long. He was an agent and a team executive in the National Football League. Warren worked on the business side for a team when he left the NFL.

Warren's time with the Big Ten has been mixed. He was criticized for his handling of the conference during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Warren has led the Big Ten with the addition of USC and UCLA and helped shepherd a record-setting television deal that has been valued at more than $7 billion.

Warren has advocated for more expansion for the Big Ten, but that has been met with resistance. The Big Ten will include teams from New Jersey to Los Angeles.

The first African American commissioner of a Power 5 conference is Warren. The length of his deal and any talks of an upcoming deal have not been discussed publicly by the league.

At the same time, the Big Ten has two teams in the College Football Playoff. It's unusual for a commissioner to not attend two games.

According to sources, the Bears' search for a new president/CEO has been going on for a long time. The search, which has been run by Nolan Partners, involved a round of Zoom meetings with a host of initial candidates months ago. In the last few weeks, there have been multiple in-person interviews.

Warren has 21 years of experience in the National Football League. Before he joined the Vikings, he worked for the Rams and Lions.

TedPhillips announced his retirement and the Bears are looking for a new leader.