There are a lot of good games in Apple's regular App Store, but if you want to play on your iPad or iPhone regularly, Apple Arcade is the best place to go. You can get unlimited access to a growing library that now includes exclusives like Fantasian, as well as many of the best releases from the iPhone's gaming days. You don't have to worry about spending money in the games because they don't have ads or microtransactions.

Apple has settled into a nice rhythm of releasing a game almost every week since it launched in 2019. There are eight new additions to the service in the next four years.

Air Twister

Air Twister would have become a cult classic if it had been released on the Dreamcast. It's something you can keep on your phone. The design of the alien world is wonderfully weird, the touch controls make it feel like a phone, and the prog rock soundtrack is just begging for you to wear. There is nothing else like it on the App Store, and it feels like a classic genre designed for modern tastes.

Dead Cells+

Dead Cells is one of the best pure action games of the last decade and now the full game is coming to Arcade. The game combines brutal, unforgiving combat with a Castlevania style gothic tone and a roguelike structure that has you slowly but steadily progressing through the world. It is hard, but once you figure out the perfect build, it is even harder to put it down.

Horizon Chase 2

If you want a return to Ridge Racer or Cruisin' USA, you should check out the game, it calls back to some of the best arcade games of all time. You don't have to be an F1 driver to enjoy the challenge of the controls and tracks. The colorful visuals really pop on a good display, and it has a solid single-player mode complete with cars to upgrade.

Old Man’s Journey

Old Man's Journey is a painting that can be touched. The story of one man's life is a simple but touching tale that lasts two hours or so. The way you interact with the story is special. Old Man's Journey is a fairly simple adventure, but the twist is that you get around the beautiful landscapes by manipulating the world itself.

Football Manager 2023 Touch

If you're still sad that the men's World Cup is over, the Football Manager is the best thing to do. Football Manager gives you a behind the scenes look at the game. At a club, you are put in charge of tactics, finances, scouting, and more. It is great for mobile because it is the kind of experience that can be played in a short period of time. Football Manager allows me to answer fictional work emails.


It is one of the prettiest games I have ever played and it is also interactive. It is a simple game about bringing color back to a desolate world, but it has an amazing style and flow to make it stand out. With no enemies or death to ruin the experience, you can see all of the beauty the game has to offer.

Hidden Folks+

Hidden Folks is a great place for quiet contemplation. It doesn't have time limits or deadlines and doesn't rush you. You can explore the various worlds with a Where's Waldo-style game that has you use clues to find strange and adorable characters and objects. The levels are both big and fun.

Monument Valley 2+

Apple Arcade added the second game in the Monument Valley series. The game is similar to the original in that you have to help a small figure get to the end. The game tells a sweet story about a mother and her children.