Each year, I look at what is new in technology to predict the tech that will affect your life in a big way, and the tech that will be a fad.

Let's take a quick look at the year before that.

The hardware was not good. Compared to last year's model, this year's iPhone was anIncremental upgrade. Most people will probably only use the virtual-reality headset for games, since it has two hours of battery life.

Social media turned out to be very strange. Musk gutted the staff and suspended the accounts of journalists and techies, which sent droves of users to look for other sites.

More than a dozen states have banned the use of the TikTok app due to national security concerns.

At the end of the year, there was something really remarkable. Openai released a chatbot that can generate seemingly intelligent responses to questions. The bot was able to write essays, write code and draft business proposals after people prodded it.

Next year is just a sample of what is to come. The same trends that have persisted in the past few years include advances in electric cars and the metaverse. Maybe there is a rebirth of social media?

There will be tech developments in our lives in the years to come.

Early Adopters who have been impressed by the linguistic competence of the program have been shocked by how incorrect it can be. Flaws aside, we can expect A.I. companies to improve on the strengths of these chatbot with tools that simplify how we write and read.

It is likely that you will have a research assistant next year. Imagine if you were writing a paper about World War II and wanted to include some historical facts. You can ask the bot to sum up the highlights of the war in a 100 page document. A summary will be generated by the bot after it reads the document.

"If you want to enrich your writing with a historical fact, you won't need to go and search the web and find it." With a click of a button, it will be there.

We won't see a flood of stand-alone A.I. apps in the foreseeable future. It is possible that many of the tools we already use for work will be used to build automatic language generation into their applications. According to a technology analyst at Forrester, A.I. tools could soon be embedded into popular apps.

Tech companies have been promoting virtual-reality headsets for a long time. Tech companies are promising that headsets will change our lives in the same way that phones have.

The metaverse could be a virtual space where we work and collaborate. The company thought the tech could become a multitasking tool for workers when it was unveiled this year. It remains to be seen if Meta can bring to life its vision for the metaverse after it receivedlukewarm reviews.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a Meta virtual reality program at The New York Times’s DealBook Summit last month.Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

The V.R. drumbeat will continue into the future. The first headset from Apple is expected to be a headset. Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, has said that he is excited about using augmented reality to take advantage of digital data in the physical world.

How did people like me grow up without the internet? Students in Naples were told by Mr. Cook.

He said that the technology was not going to change overnight. The first iteration of Apple's headgear will most likely be used for games, since wireless headsets remain bulky and used indoors.

There will be a lot of chatter about the metaverse and virtual (augmented, mixed, whatever-you- want-to-call-dorky-looking goggles) in 2023, but it most likely won't be the year that these headsets become a reality.

She said that consumers are still unsure of what they are spending when buying a headset. Is it necessary for me to meet with V.R. Without legs it is not a necessity.

This year, electric vehicle sales were dominated byTesla, but they may change in the years to come. The brand of the company has taken a hit since Mr. Musk took over the company. Competition in the market is getting more intense as E.V. makers such as Ford Motor and Rivian ramp up production.

In November, the company said it would open up its charging design to other cars. It would make it easier for drivers of other types of cars to replenish their batteries at the charging stations of the electric car company.

Both California and New York have banned the sale of gas-powered cars by the year 2035. It's a perfect storm for the electric car industry to become bigger than one brand in the future.

This will most likely be the case in the coming year because of the chaos that took place on the social media site in the past. In response to the backlash, Mr. Musk asked his followers on social media if he should step down. A majority of 10 million users voted yes, but Mr. Musk said he would step down only after finding a suitable replacement.

The data of U.S. users, including that of two journalists, was obtained by employees of ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok. Pressure has been put on the Biden administration to consider more extreme restrictions for the app.

It is clear that a big shift is happening in social media. Mastodon is a social network that looks like a lot of things. Younger people have moved on to newer apps that allow them to stay in touch by taking and sharing selfies at the same time.

It is not clear which new social media app will be a big deal in the near future. The Mastodon server is having a hard time handling the surge in users. People who feel burned by social media are looking for a place to hang out.