You are not alone if you don't get a good experience on the social network. Thousands of users are complaining that they are unable to access the social network, seeing scores of strange error messages. Some people are being greeted with a blank page while others are signing out of the service. Many users said they couldn't see their replies or follow ups.

The rate-exceeding limit to some users suggested that the server wasn't able to cope with the incoming requests. There is a trend on the platform.

International users in the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy and India seem to have been affected by the outage. Time in the Pacific. Netblocks and DownDetector are third-party web monitoring services. According to DownDetector, the majority of complaints suggest that there is a problem on the desktop.

Many people can't access the power users-focused service from the social networking site. NetBlocks said that the incident is not related to internet disruptions or filters. It has not yet been acknowledged that there is an issue with the service.

In October, Musk acquired the social networking site. He wanted to eliminate thousands of employees. The removal of bloat code from the service is one of the things Musk has focused on.

Even after I disconnected one of the more sensitive serverracks, the service was still operational. According to Platformer, traffic from about 30 mobile carriers in the Asia-Pacific region was temporarily blocked earlier this month as part of an attempt to get rid of fake accounts on the social networking site.

There is a news organization called TechCrunch.