More of Hong Kong's COVID-19 restrictions are being removed. The city is becoming more attractive to travelers due to the changes.

Travelers used to be required to take multiple tests. Incoming travelers arriving via air only need to get a negative test within a set period before they can leave for Hong Kong, according to a press release from the Hong Kong government. Within 24 hours of departure, Hong Kong will accept a RAT or aPCR test.

Travelers should keep photos of the test results or the test report for 90 days for presentation, according to the press release. The electronic health declaration form can now be used to declare your test result. Some airlines may still ask you to submit your results at check-in, so you may want to do that anyways.

The Vaccine Pass will no longer be valid in Hong Kong. Proof of vaccine is required for non-Hong Kong residents to board a flight to Hong Kong.

According to a press release issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in September, transit passengers who do not pass through immigration control are not required to have vaccinations.

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Hong Kong's previous masking requirements are still in place. The South China Morning Post states that masks are required in all public places.

Alaska Mileage Plan miles can be used to book a flight to Hong Kong. You can fly business class to Asia for 50,000Alaska miles.


You can stop for free in Hong Kong on your way to Australia. Alaska miles can be used to book awards online.


The Hong Kong government website has the most up to date information on Hong Kong.

The additional reporting was done by Emily Thompson and the other person.