A cassian poster.

The first season of Andor was very well received. It was an engaging season of television that was unlike anything we had seen before. Like many things in Star Wars, we have to keep in mind that it is a prequel and that there are certain things that need to be built to.

In a new interview, Andor star Diego Luna talked about the key things his character, Cassian, must learn before we first meet him inRogue One, where he's about to find out the biggest piece of information the Rebellion has ever received.

He takes on a huge responsibility at the beginning of the film. Imagine what it would be like to say you are the right person to do it. The person we're going to trust with this isCassian Andor. There is a lot for him to learn and discover. He's far away from that. It is far from that but the spark is there. It has happened. The life of this man needs to be observed for four years.

The four years will be told at a time in three-episode mini-arcs when the second season of the show airs. The second and final season of Andor was structured as four mini-stories, each with about a year in between, ending with a meeting where the Death Star defected. We can't wait to see how it all ends.

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