Is there a chance that travel restrictions in the US could come back in early 2023?

China is changing its response to coronaviruses from zero tolerance to letting it rip. China will re-open its borders on January 8, 2023, eliminating the need for travelers to be scurried. International travel will once again be useful for those in China.

New travel restrictions for visitors from China are being considered by the Biden administration according to a report. Two US officials say that no final decision has been made, but that the concept of additional tracking is being considered. Anyone from China would be subject to these restrictions. There isn't a travel ban being considered.

The concern is that China isn't reporting its data on the Pandemic in a transparent way.

Other countries have imposed restrictions on travelers from China.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman accuses the western media of exaggerating the situation in China. The spokesman said that countries should fight the epidemic in a scientific way, work together to ensure safe travel between countries, maintain stability of global industrial and supply chains, and restore healthy growth of the world economy.

Three years into the epidemic, China is interested in restoring healthy growth to the world economy.

Travelers from China could face further restrictions

My take on potential China travel restrictions

There isn't a perfect approach to responding to a Pandemic. It is odd to see countries add restrictions even though they no longer view the Pandemic as a public health emergency.

China's borders have been closed for almost three years. The population has low immunity and the country uses vaccines that aren't really effective. With China taking a "let it rip" approach, the country will likely see an outbreak similar to the one we've never seen before.

There are many unknowns when it comes to the situation in China. I can appreciate how other countries might be skeptical since the government hasn't been transparent about the reality of the epidemic.

Mild travel restrictions don't do much to stop the spread of coronaviruses It only works for a long time if you are willing to completely close your borders. One wonders what the point is of only limiting travel.

It is believed that the main coronaviruses outbreak in China is the result of existing strains of the omicron variant, which is highly contagious, but not as deadly as previous versions. Who knows what the reality is.

There is a chance that the United States will add a pre- travel testing requirement for those coming from China. The United States wasn't able to do any real health monitoring during the early stages of the Pandemic. I don't believe that will change.

It remains to be seen if new restrictions will be added

Bottom line

According to reports, the White House is considering new travel restrictions for people from China.

There is a chance that the United States will add a testing requirement. I believe it is unlikely that we will see this happen.

Do you think the US will add travel restrictions for China?