The second critic of Putin died after falling out of a window.

A man fell from a hotel window in India after celebrating his 65th birthday. He was in east India.

The committee on Agrarian Policy, Nature Management and Ecology of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region was chaired by Antov.

The Vice Speaker of the Regional Parliament said that their colleague, a successful businessman, died. I convey my deepest sympathies to my relatives and friends.

The speaker of the legislative assembly called Antov's death a "difficult and irreparable loss" in a statement.

The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that Antov was a critic of Putin.

The June message, which Antov shared after a Russian missile strike killed a man and injured his wife and daughter, was seen as critical of Putin's war inUkraine.

The message said it was difficult to call all this terror. Antov said he was a supporter of the war and the message came from a war critic who he did not agree with.

Antov fell from a window and died.

Insider reported at the time that Maganov died after he fell from a hospital window.

The oil tycoon died after his company released a statement expressing "deepest concerns" about the war in Ukraine.

Antov is said to have died at the hotel in India.

Budanov died of a stroke, according to the police officer. After Antov's death, he also died.

Police did not see a criminal element in the tragic events, according to the Russian diplomat.