A photo of Elon Musk in a tux looking displeased is shown.

The account that tracks Musk's private jet is back on the blue bird app almost two weeks after it was kicked off. It is not certain whether it will stay on the platform.

Jack Sweeney, a 20-year-old university student, launched an account on social media that posts information on Musk's flights. The original ElonJet account was designed to track the billionaire's jet in real-time, but it was replaced by a new account called ElonJetNextDay.

Over the course of four days, the account had amassed more than 17,000 followers. Sweeney told Insider that he is trying to automate the account in the future. Real-time information on Musk's flights can be found on automated accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and other platforms.

For the past four days, the new ElonJetNextDay hasn't been suspended, but that doesn't mean it's safe. According to Sweeney, Musk shadowbanned ElonJetNextDay. Users were not allowed to share links to ElonJet on other platforms.

It was confirmed by Gizmodo on Monday. We received an error message when trying to post a link to ElonJet on social media.

The link has been identified as potentially harmful by our partners, so we can't complete the request. The message didn't say where we could learn more, but it did say to visit the Help Center.

Error message that occurs when trying to tweet out links to @ElonJet from other platforms

It is not known if Sweeney is allowed to create new accounts on social media. Users who have their accounts suspended can't create new accounts. Accounts that try to evade bans will be suspended.

If an account has been permanently suspended for serious violations of the rules, the company can also permanently suspend any other account they think is violating the rules.

The communications department no longer works for the social network.

While Musk hasn't made his position known yet, he banned Sweeney's original ElonJet account and his other celebrity flight tracker accounts. It is possible that Sweeney's new account is clear because of Musk's previous statements.

The location posting isn't a safety problem, so is ok.

You can't take Musk's word for it when it comes to the account that tracks his private plane. The CEO of the social network said that he wouldn't ban the airline because he was committed to free speech. After suspending all of Sweeney's accounts, Musk said he was taking legal action against Sweeney for facilitating harm to his family.

There is an alleged incident that took place on December 13th. Musk claimed that a stalker followed a car carrying his son in Los Angeles. The billionaire said that the driver jumped on the hood of the car to block it from leaving. The sharing of real-time location information was banned by Musk after the incident.

Police in South Pasadena doubts Musk's claims that his son was followed by a stalker. Police didn't mention that a stalker was involved at all and suggested that it was a coincidence. They were unable to confirm that Musk's son was in the car.