Two years ago, I reviewed the $200 Nokia 5.3, which was supposed to have two years of security updates and two years of operating system upgrades. What has HMD Global done? The device is a one year old version of the operating system.

The budget phone will get at least six more months of security updates before it is officially discontinued. Things have worsened. Two years of security updates and zero commitment to upgrade to the latest version of the OS are what I get with the new G400. Since HMD isn't making any promises, it's likely that it will get a newer version of the operating system. It feels like a stark attitude shift from a company that used to pride itself on delivering fast updates and long-term support.

Most of the time, a software commitment policy is offered by most phone makers. Two OS upgrades and four years of security updates are included in the price of the $250 SAMSUNG GALAXY A 13 5G. It means you can keep the device and not worry about it becoming a mess after two years. If everything else is in working order, you can hold on to your device for that length of time. If you don't know if the latest version of the operating system will be included in the phone, it's hard to recommend it.

It's nice hardware.

The photograph is of a phone.

The sad thing is that the G 400 is a decent phone. It doesn't look like a phone at all, it's just a grey one. The 6.58-inch screen is sharp, colorful, and even has a 120-Hz screen refresh rate, which makes it feel smooth and responsive when you interact with it.

It's a good performance. You will have to wait for things to load in order to run all the apps you want. It is limited by a small amount of memory. Over the course of two weeks, I was able to use it to respond to emails and messages and even play games like Alto's Odyssey. The software is stock, so you don't have to worry about bloatware, and the interface looks good.

The 5,000-mAh battery cell has given me a day and a half of average use, and you get all the features you'd want in any phone in 2022. You can get a charge in the box if you use the sensor to pay at the subway turnstiles.