Whether you received gift cards over the holidays or are still shopping for gifts for people you will see later in the year, post- Christmas sales offer lots of opportunities to stretch your money. Below is a list of our favorite discounts. Shopping earlier ensures the best availability, as many of these sales will be extended for a few days.

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There are tech deals.

There is a photograph of the internet search engine, Google.

The Pixel 6 Pro has been on sale for a while, but the price hasn't dropped yet. You can save hundreds on the newer Pixel 7 Pro, which has an excellent 4X optical zoom camera, a 120-Hz screen refresh rate, and a big enough battery to last more than a full day of average use, if you consider the 2021, which has an excellent 4X optical zoom camera

Do you want to spend less? The Pixel 6A is still discounted to $368 despite the end of the long running deal. You can read more about the devices in our guide.

This is a good price for our favorite robot vacuum. TheRoborock Q5+ cleans quietly and reliably. When the little robot needs to empty its dust bin or charge its battery, it will automatically return to the dock.

The gaming mouse is our favorite. It's comfortable, responsive, and doesn't have a lot of buttons, so it's a good choice for people who want to plug it into almost any modern device.

There is a square off.

Do you want to play chess but have no one to play with? The answer is found on this chessboard. You can connect the Square Off Pro to the Square Off app and then use Chess.com or Lichess.org accounts to play against opponents. The pieces don't move by themselves, but you can see what moves they make with the help of the LEDs on the board.

The Series 7 is still a good buy even if it's a model from 2021. Make sure you don't pay more than the cellular price for the Series 8. You are in good hands. If you want to stay connected to the internet when your phone is out, the Series 7 cellular is an excellent watch. The monthly data charge should be taken into account in your buying decision.

This is an older model but we like it. The battery can last up to a week on a single charge if it's charged when you're out in the sun. It has a wide range of metric tracking capabilities. If a big watch won't bother you, this deal is a good way to save money. Our guide can help you make a decision.

There is a photograph of Logitech.

This is a great keyboard for people who spend a lot of time in creative applications. The keys are raised and there is a reliable connection. The keys on the left side of the board make it special. You can program these keys to be used in a variety of ways.

If you spend a lot of time on a motorcycle, it's a good idea to upgrade to a headset that has a built-in microphone. The Freecom model has a scroll wheel that makes it easy to operate. You can connect them to other Cardo headsets so you can talk to your friends while riding.

The rest of the internet is also a fan of Nova Launcher. It's a good way to organize your phone and personalize it. This sale price is usually one of the best we see all year if you got a new device as a holiday gift.

There are deals on everything.

The photograph is of Dyson.

The Dyson V12 shoots a green laser at its base so you can see tiny dust particles. It's easy to clean, it's lightweight, and you can even remove the battery. It's one of the best deals we've seen so far.

The best prices on Bath and Body Works products can be found during this sale. 50 percent off hand soaps and hand sanitizers are included in the selection. You might be able to get free in-store pickup if you choose.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in this sale with discounts ranging up to half off a product's normal price The selection includes many styles of duck boots, which tend to be expensive and not often discounted. This specific style isn't on sale, but we recently published a love letter detailing why they are awesome.

There is an electric goose neck kettle.

Photograph: Amazon

In our best dorm gear guide, this kettle is recommended as a cheaper alternative to the electric kettle. It can cost at least $100. It's reliable and has a spout. When your water is done boiling, electric kettles don't wake the whole house with a loud scream. Free shipping is offered to Amazon Prime members.

Prime Members can save on two-month subscriptions of many premium channels. It costs between $7 and $11 per month to get these services, so you're saving money no matter which service you choose. You should set a reminder to avoid auto-renewal if you don't want to pay later.

Kids have a few days to go crazy after the holidays are over. Save on classics like Jenga and Candy Land with this sale. If you add two items to your cart, the cheapest will go down even more.

There is a photograph of Ten Tree.

The loungewear is comfortable and sustainable. The brand is carbon neutral and highlights in-depth notes on its materials, but we love the free tree planting. The code is on every item. 10 trees will be planted in your honor if you redeem it. If you don't know where to begin, check out the men's Atlas Sweatpants and Highline Wool Crew sweater. They are flattering and hold up throughout the day.

AmazonBasics' products are reliable and varied. The private label can be found on a lot of things. Maybe you need a new piece of furniture. Several other pages have a lot of products to look at. Two bucks is the starting price.

The Girlfriend Collective is made of recycled Beanies.

Photograph: Girlfriend Collective

This is a great gift for people who are always cold. The beanie is made from sustainable materials. Other gear from Girlfriend Collective is something we enjoy. All of it is on sale for at least 30 percent off. Add items to your cart and you'll see the discount. If you spend more, you will get a higher percentage off.

Good-smelling, sustainable beauty and body care products are produced by the company. Its offerings are expensive and don't go on sale a lot. An assortment of the brand's popular bath bombs will be half off during the Boxing Day sale.