Southwest Airlines isn’t a niche carrier, for many year’s they’ve been the largest carrier of domestic airline passengers in the U.S. They may only be the fourth biggest airline, but that’s because their international route network is so limited.

It's a big deal when Southwest goes down over Christmas. The mess doesn't stop even after Christmas. Southwest has already canceled a third of its flights. They were close to canceling half. The scenes from their terminal have been brutal.

The current line for cancellations/rescheduling at Southwest Airlines counter at DIA. 😮

— Jeremiah Bellile (@miahbellile) December 26, 2022

Southwest Airlines Disaster

Houston Hobby Airport

12/25@SouthwestAir #SouthwestAirlines #Southwest #southweststolechristmas #Houston

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@SouthwestAir I have missed Christmas with my family after several delays and cancellations and I am now stranded at the Kansas City airport. Almost all of the flights for southwest have been canceled with hardly any explanation or anyone at the gates. This is baggage claim

— Caroline “Flynn” (@ceaflynn) December 26, 2022

Planes are out of position even when there is a break in the weather. The crew is out of place. Southwest doesn't have the tech to recover quickly, according to the CEO. When employees are ready to work, they are trying to figure out where to go to get a night's rest before working the next day, or address issues with their trip so they can work

That’s a screenshot of over 15 HOURS on hold with crew scheduling! Flight crews sleeping in airports because of cancelled flights was common.

— Paul St.Onge (@stpaul77) December 26, 2022

Tomorrow I am going to fly Southwest. The Southwest flight time was favored by my wife. I would have been better off on American.

  • A priority phone line more expedited than what I’ll get from Southwest A-List
  • A club lounge (outstanding service in Austin!) for in-person assistance.

I would have an easier time getting re-routed if I were a ConciergeKey member. Southwest's phone system fell apart.

I had a reason for not following my own advice. A backup reservation on a different airline is a good idea in a world without change fees. If I had planned to fly Southwest, I could have booked an American itinerary as well and just canceled it.

The fares were reasonable, but the mileage prices were high. Even though I have a lot of miles, I didn't want to spend the money on the backup. Since I will use travel credit in the future for my wife and daughter, that is silly for me. The ticket cost times three, the hassle of managing more travel credit, and seeing flights between two warm-ish destinations made me roll the dice. It is not possible to purchase on another airline.

In Houston and Chicago, the largest U.S. domestic airline is present. Service to a second airport in each city will be doubled. Just as they're taking American Airlines to Miami, they'll be taking on United as well.

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Delta was once the largest airline in the world. They dropped down to three. The largest airline in the world is not American Airlines. China Southern Airlines is part owned by American.

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Southwest Airlines now sells tickets to Hawaii. Credit card acquisitions should be supported because customers can now spend their points for more aspirational destinations. The carrier has been slowed down by mechanics.

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