A family of six in Williamsville, New York, spent Christmas at the firehouse after a storm knocked out their power.

Danielle and Demetrice were stuck in Buffalo as a result of the snowstorm. They tried to go to a hotel after the power went out. The storm that left at least 25 people dead in Buffalo had other plans.

Danielle said she had never seen anything like it. It was similar to looking at a piece of paper.

The family was stuck at a roundabout along with many other drivers. The firefighters had to bring in an off-road vehicle to get the travelers out of the snow covered road.

The 42 rescues were taken to the firehouse. Demetrice and Danielle, whose names were not immediately available, were the only ones with young children. The family spent Christmas Eve at their temporary home.

The NFTA said that Aayden asked if he could be in uniform. Aayden was given a uniform and learned how dispatch works.

It was important that Santa was able to find the family since they were going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at the firehouse.

"Christmas became a big concern because Aayden was so excited that Santa would know he was here and he would get to celebrate at a real firehouse," Eberth said in a statement.

The firefighters wrapped things around the firehouse to make sure the kids got presents, and the field office delivered some more items from Santa. Eberth said that they were able to make sure Santa got his money's worth.

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Travelers spend their Christmas at the airport or far from their intended destinations when their flights are canceled because of the weather.

The experience of a deadly snowstorm turned into a nontraditional Christmas celebration left a mark on both the firefighters and family. The guys at the firehouse were great, Demetrice told CNN.

Eberth said it was an amazing experience for the firefighters.