Putin blamed the other side for not coming to the table and said he was ready for talks that could end the war.

In the statements, taken from a state television interview, Putin said that Russia is prepared to negotiate some acceptable outcomes with all the participants of the process.

Putin tried to justify Russia's actions by saying that Moscow has no other choice and that the Kremlin was defending Russia's interests.

The Russian president has said that he wants to end the war. He responded to criticism from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an in-person meeting in Uzbekistan. I know about your concerns and your stance on the conflict in Ukraine. We want the whole thing to end as quickly as possible.

The claims came on the heels of attacks from Moscow.

Two country-wide air raid alert sounded off on Christmas Day. Three missiles hit the city of Kramatorsk, according to local officials. The city of Avdiivka was hit by six rounds of shelling.

Russian shells hit the Ukrainian city of Kherson on Saturday, killing 10 people and injuring 55.

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the office of the president ofUkraine, said on Sunday that Russia doesn't want negotiations and is only trying to avoid responsibility.

—Михайло Подоляк (@Podolyak_M) December 25, 2022

The Institute for the Study of War believes that the war efforts of Russia are waning.

The rate of advance by the Russian forces in the eastern region of Ukraine has slowed recently.

The UK Ministry of Defense said on the same day that a shortage of munitions is the main limiting factor as forces struggle to maintain offensive operations in that region.

Russian forces could begin a tactical or operational pause as a result of the developments suggested by the I SW.

Ukrainians took their fight for independence into other areas of their lives. Some Orthodox Ukrainians decided to celebrate Christmas on December 25 instead of January 7 in order to break from Russian traditions.