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The Meta employee made the comments in a Blind post.
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A Meta employee said that they eat all their meals for free at the office and that it's like a city within a city.

In a post on Blind, a staff member from Meta said they work for the photo sharing app. They said that going into the office is like going to another universe.

Free snacks, health insurance, and eye care are some of the perks listed by the worker.

The employee supported the company's culture and perks, according to the post.

They said that meta products are the most important in the world. At least one Meta product is used by half the world. You can change to another product if you become bored. There are many projects to be picked up on. The work/life balance is the best. A staff member said that Meta workers are part of an elite, highly-selective club and that people are "impressed" when they learn that they work for the photo sharing app. They said that the lack of perks and prestige compared to what they had before felt like prison. I will be here for the rest of my life." Why should I hurry to stop working? The post titled "Meta is not just an employer, it's a lifestyle" gained more than 700 comments and was liked by 141 people. Meta worker replied to the post with "I want whatever you are smoking to feel this good about Meta"

Blind does not verify employment but requests that people use their work email to sign up and provide the name of the company they work for so it cangauge the professional status of users, according to its website. Users can see where other posters work, but they can't see anything else.

Meta didn't reply to a request from Insider.

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