The airline is going to carry 1.5 million passengers over the winter break.

Etihad plans first-ever New Year celebration

Huge inflight celebrations will be hosted for the first time by the airline. All flights that cross midnight in the sky will join in the new year celebrations. Fun props for guests will be offered by the airline. The drinks will be served before midnight.

It is uncommon for airlines to do this. It is not uncommon for a pilot or flight attendant to announce when the clock strikes midnight, but airlines rarely load props for guests and offer drinks in this way.

I don't know how the New Year will be calculated by the airline. Is the celebration at midnight Abu Dhabi time, midnight at the destination, or midnight in the time zone where the plane is currently in? If it is based on midnight where a plane is flying, some flights may have multiple opportunities to ring in 2023.

I can see how some people might be annoyed by this. Since they are not celebrating the New Year on the ground, a lot of people want to arrive at their destination well rested and ready to go. A small price to pay for a fun initiative.

Etihad is planning a New Year celebration

Etihad serving festive meals over Christmas

Those who are traveling over the new year are not the only ones who will get a treat. There will be festive themed menus on many flights during the Christmas season. Routes to and from the United States, United Kingdom, Lebanon, South Korea, the Philippines, and most destinations across Europe are eligible.

Turkey roulade, chestnut stuffing, and chocolate yule log are some of the festive favorites served on eligible flights.

Christmas classics such as "Love Actually" and "Home Alone" can be found on the dedicated holiday movies channel in the inflight entertainment system of the Abu Dhabi-based airline.

Etihad is serving Christmas meals

Bottom line

Over the Christmas and New Year period, passengers will be treated to a treat. The airline is serving Christmas meals on select routes through December 25, and then for passengers traveling on December 31, the airline will have props and celebratory drinks.

What do you think about these initiatives?