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A jury found Tory Lanez guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

The verdict came just before the holiday, where a group of L.A. jurors found the Canadian rapper guilty of all three charges.

The court system was called evil by several members of the family after the verdict was read. His family were escorted out of the courtroom by the sheriff's office.


Before the verdict was read, Tory told the cameras that he was happy.

There will be more than 22 years in prison for Tory when he is sentenced on January 27. According to sources connected to the case, Tory's lawyers were in touch with immigration officials before the guilty verdict and were told there was a good chance he would be deported.


This marks the end of a wild 2 weeks in court, which saw a few witnesses recount what happened on that fateful night. Megan pointed the finger at the person who shot her.

12/13/22 BACKGRID

She said she saw a man with a gun and heard him shout "dance, bitch!". The woman testified that she was offered a million dollars to keep quiet.

Meg was called out for a number of things, including the fact that she initially lied to police about how her feet got injured, as well as the fact that she had an intimate relationship with Tory Lanez.

Kelsey Nicole

The defense tried to implicate Meg's ex-BFF,Kelsey, as the one who shot her because she was seen creeping behind her back with some men.

The trial centered on what happened in the car. Even though Megan had one version of events, she seemed to have a different one.

She said on the stand that she wasn't the one who shot Megan.

In the recording she gave investigators in September, she said that she had shot Meg.

The guy who said he saw the two women fighting from his balcony was not the only one who testified. He wasn't sure who he saw shoot the gun.

JULY 2020

There wasn't a lot of evidence to back it up -- there were gun traces on both of them, and there wasn't conclusive evidence on the gun itself. Neither did his driver that night. JaQuan Smith. There was a witness to the party that preceded this and cops, but it really boiled down to the two people.

The jury decided in favor of the prosecutors. The jury is out on the public opinion. It's not clear if people will change their loyalty to social media.

Meg Thee Stallion's Gunshot Foot Injury

The journey is over.