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It is starting to look like a winter vacation with lots of fun to be had in the new year. At Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood, The Grinch is still in charge. At Disney World's Hollywood Studios, there's a new movie with the power ofFrozen and the holiday season around the world. Disneyland is getting ready for the Disney 100th anniversary.

Here is the latest entertainment happening at amusement parks.

The Pocahontas colonizer scene at Hollywood Studios has been replaced with a power combo of Mulan,Frozen andMoana. I was so excited to hear Disney songs. The people were so excited that they screamed as if Taylor Swift was on stage. There were no Jack Sparrows in Disneyland.

jock lindsay hanger bar drinks holiday

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar features drinks inspired by the Lucasfilm franchise that takes themed bars to a whole new level, with collectible mugs that should go in a museum. The place has a cheerful menu for the holidays.

The hot chocolate flight is inspired by the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It's important to choose between Cookies and Cream and Salted caramel. I like the smell of immortality. The seal of the bar prevents the wooden tray from crossing it.

In one place at the International Festival of the Holidays, you can find all the festive foods you can think of, even if you're vegan or don't eat wheat. There is a sushi Christmas tree at Disney World. It is delicious.

Barn Santa

The most crazy thing is that all the Santas are at the park. All the Santas are true. Various country pavilions feature appearances of Santa variant who are known for sharing their folklore and explaining their presence around the world. Barn Santa is an invisible Santa who sneaks up on people. Pre Nol can be seen in France, Father Christmas can be seen in the United Kingdom, and La Befana can be seen in Italy.

If you collect them all, you can become Santa.

At The Great Movie Escape room experience at Citywalk, there are Back to the Future andJurassic themed drinks. easter eggs and quotes can be found in drinks like the Wake Up Juice. There is more of this.

The Dead Coconut Club at Universal Studios Citywalk was a fun place to hang out during the holiday season.

creature from the black lagoon

With The Great Movie Escape opening down the road, we think this could be a good place to expand more cinematic cocktail fun.

The interactive hub at Area 15 will be open for live music and DJs on New Year's Eve. The main attraction of Lost Spirits Distillery will be open.

New projections and music will be on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in time for Disney's 100th anniversary. New hits from films such as Encanto will be included in the spectacular. At the park, we are ready to see what happens.

Disney affiliated artists will return with new pieces inspired by all things Disney during the Festival of the Arts. Artists from the stage and screen will perform live.

During the meal services Cinderella and her friends return for a meet and greet.

Passholders can be the first to play at Super Nintendo World, when it opens. You can RSVP for exclusive access stars on the day of the event.

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