Are the people who make the videos okay? I'm concerned about you. The holiday cheer videos seem a lot darker lately, and I am concerned for your mental well-being.

The first sign that something wasn't right was The Witcher: Fireplace, which is getting re- promoted now. There is a nice-looking fire in the Great Hall at Kaer Morhen, but the music in the background made it seem like a cozy place.

The Yellowjackets got in the game with a Yule Log that was missing the Yule. Two hours of spooky vibes and Easter eggs.

The Chucky Yule Log was released this week. It is tame but still Chucky. Adult Swim had a horror movie with a Yule Log theme. Thank you, I am not watching that.

I might be a fan of the holiday. Weird Yule Logs have been around for a while and I have had ambivalence towards them. I don't want to see Darth Vader's suit burn for eight hours, and I don't want to see Olaf scamper across the Arendelle castle. I like Nick Offerman's commercial for Scotch.

If a scary fireplace brings you a sense of joy, or if it helps you deal with the feeling of forced holiday cheer, then I get it. Sometimes we want our art to reflect the world and sometimes it isn't. It has been pretty shitty. If you can get by with ominous whispers coming out of the speakers, go for it. Do you?

I like to use a Yule Log as an escape from everything. I don't have a fireplace in my apartment, so I watch a "Fireplace For Your Home" video on the internet while I wrestle gifts into wrapping paper. When WPIX started broadcasting a three-hour loop of a fireplace in 1966, they had in mind a person like me.

The most exciting thing I want to decide is if I want the classic version or the Birch version. The fire must be brought on. The scares will be saved for another season.