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What's the reason? Professional athletics is a powerful magnet for dumb people. It's really bad.

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Jones had a dirty year. He has a reputation that is putrid. He was sued by a woman who claimed to be his biological daughter, though the suit was dropped and Jones denied being her father, and he still stood up for Dan.

Jones didn't respond to the backlash over the photo or explain how he's changed, but he did say that he's a fan of the Cowboys. Jones said how much money James has made because he equates net worth to a person's total worth. Jones likes green. He doesn't worry about black bodies at all. Jones has made the Cowboys an extension of himself. There is only a husk of a man there.

The Emperor Palpatine is a player in the National Football League. He touches things that are not right. He maximized his personal earning potential, but also compromised his reputation.

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It's not appropriate for a white person to call a black person a name in a joke. It shows a complete disregard for the hell that those people put up with to receive something that they shouldn't have been denied.

When the civil rights struggle is still going on and the results are not going in the right direction, it is not worth making jokes about. Josh Donaldson should know better than to joke like that. The reason No. 42 is retired is obvious. It's not okay to mock a Black colleague, but it's not okay to mock a famous black person.

Get it right the first time you say sorry.

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One of the most vacuous socio political activists of all time was Novak Djokovic. He made a scene of his apathy for a once-in-a- generation public health crisis because he was too silly to listen to healthcare professionals.

He filed an appeal in order to get access to Australia for the Open. 99% of his competitors had taken a jab. His wife blamed the Pandemic on 5G networks. He was held in a hotel room during the review of his exemption request, which was held before the Australian Open. He thought he was Ali when in fact he was not. His peers didn't help him because they didn't respect him. The cause of building a snowman in the spring would have been worth more.

His son was painted as the victim by his father. He was destined to become an un serious person because of his wife's Covid-5G theories. He was able to milk every ounce of drama out of his competitors. He fell behind Nadal in his pursuit of a career Grand Slam. His war on public health will be admonished by the record books.

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Kim Mulkey isn't a bad person.

In the past, the coach at LSU has put her foot in her mouth a lot.

Mulkey didn't say a word for her former player who helped her win a national championship after an incomprehensible 40 perfect seasons. She said that you wouldn't hear her speak up when she was asked why she hadn't.

Mulkey finally said something when Griner was freed after the United States traded prisoners with Russia for Bout.

The Almighty is good. She said that prayers are powerful. Britney is on her way back to her hometown. We are praying for her and her family as they recover.

She only had 29 words left to say. Parents shouldn't allow their daughter to play for them again.

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The old saying, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" is always good advice, especially if the deceased is a young person.

Following his death in April, Gil Brandt decided to castigate him. He said that he was living to be dead. He criticized Haskins for leaving school early because it was a terrible idea to go earn millions of dollars after throwing for 50 touchdown passes.

At 90 years old, he shouldn't have apologized. He doesn't like people using that type of language when talking about someone who has died. The man died too young. Immediately after that, all that needed to be said was sympathy.

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Russell Wilson's sudden decline is a big part of the Denver Broncos' struggles this season, but much of the blame can be traced to head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Whether it was counting on a 64-yard field goal to win the team's Week 1 contest against Seattle, requiring Denver fans to count down the play clock for you to avoid stupid delay of game penalties, or opting for a speed option play on third and short with tight end/fullback

It should have been expected given the response to the question: "Do it feel real like you're an actual NFL coach or that you snuck in here?"

He was able to sneak through all the cracks thanks to the help of Rodgers. The team didn't use Javonte Williams enough at the start of the season, and later cut him in exchange for Latavius Murray. He had a to-do list and every wrong move was on it.

The Broncos were supposed to be in the running for the title. They became a laughingstock of the league. They are projected to own a top five pick in the upcoming draft, but that pick will be taken by the Seattle Seahawks. When Hackett is told to kick rocks by the Broncos, don't be surprised.

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Phil took a break from golf this year because he was caught on a hot mic talking about his business partners in Saudi Arabia.

Get involved with them. They have a terrible record on human rights. People are put to death for being gay. I don't understand why I would consider it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change how the tour operates.

Do you want to change the PGA or grow facial hair? Is that column A or column B? It is Phil's midlife crisis. Some people try to upend the sport that made them famous by buying a sports car and divorcing.

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The firing of Brian Flores exposed a conspiracy that cost the Dolphins a first-round pick. Rather than just investing in the quarterback he already had in place, Ross went chasing after a 45 year old Tom Brady, tried to cobble together a retirement ruse, and got exposed for tampering in a lawsuit filed by the previous coach.

Ross is accused of offering a six-figure bonus to Flores to lose games. Soft Roger let Ross off the hook. It was rumored that Ross would be voted out of ownership and forced to sell the team by his fellow owners, but that would have been a bad look. It wasn't a good idea. After two promising seasons, Flores was canned by Ross.

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This has to do with sports. Really nothing. Fuck these people.

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No one could have predicted how bad the job would be for Urban Meyer. He was more than a failure. He let his team fly ahead so he could stay behind and be caught on video with a woman that wasn't his wife and he got himself canned in less than a season.

He also attended a Super Bowl watch party at Mar-a-Lago. He might have been able to reignite Fox's admiration as he slid back into a studio chair.

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