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Steve Cohen is not some kind of hero. Even a good man. I have made it clear to anyone who will listen that I think of billionaires as decent people. The camel went through the eye of a needle.

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that Cohen had gone full Simpsons Oil Tycoon and signed Carlos Correa at the first opportunity, even though the Giants blanched for whatever reason. This is a person who disliked the Mets as a child. It wasn't the Cubs we hated the most. The baseball team was the Mets. They were strawberry, Hernandez, andDarling. It was good to gooden. The horsemen of the apocalypse were named after them. It takes a long time for that kind of bile to go away.

Baseball is supposed to look this way. When you are a monster in the countryside. The Mets made up for what they lost with previous splashes this winter. Verlanders is in for deGrom. For Bassitt. There is a person in this picture who is in for Walker. Nimmo is in for something. You get the point. That is the problem. It isn't supposed to be an excuse to play the "woe is me!" card when a guy like deGrom walks out. When they couldn't wait to tell anyone how those players wouldn't take their offers, they punted them. It is going well for them. I haven't looked. It hasn't been heard about yet.

Cohen is the only one who has done anything. It is not like he is the only one in baseball. There isn't any fan buying that the Mets' winter is Exhibit A for why the luxury tax system is needed. The fans want to know why their team won't do that.

The Mets will pay more in tax penalties than other teams. It's not that owners are capable of embarrassment, but that's how it should be taken, will be taken by almost everyone outside the league

Cohen and the Dodgers bought teams from the most incompetent. They were in dire need of money. There are two people: the Wilpons and the McCourts. MLB didn't have time to say no to anyone when the teams had to leave. You can be certain that they won't do it again.

I have no idea what the end game is. If the Red Sox could be shamed into spending the same amount of money they already do. Cubs ownership has been outed as greedy, clueless, in-fighting Omaha hillbillies and yet not much has changed there.

Money is being handed out by the usual suspects. The Mets are expected to have a large payroll. It's the same for all of them. The Giants can't get anyone to back out at the last minute, but that's not out of left field. When does the Royals give a large contract? The baseball team? Do you mean the Pirates? The Rockies tried it with Kris Bryant. It was something, even though he was made of children's wishes.

The Mets aren't guarantees. You can already see where it might go wrong because of their age and the fact that they can't pick up a lot of the slack. Maybe the bridge isn't strong enough

Cohen spending with the Dodgers and Padres would make every other team's fans feel like it was pointless. Turn around. Get the networks to complain about the ratings. Even attendance is possible. It won't happen but it's the only way The Mets shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. The way should be by them.

Maybe it shouldn't be just a sport. Soon, Auston Matthews will be a free agent. He is capped at earning around $13 million a year, when his peers in other sports can make three times that. It would take another lengthy work stop in the NHL to break the system, and the players don't have the stomach or ability to do that. It's not to last the owners at least. A boy can imagine.

Most teams will use Cohen'ssse as an excuse to not try. They will say there is no chance of catching them. The atmosphere will be poisoned by them. Fans used to buy that. It was like that to a lot of fans of the Red andYankees.

That is not the case anymore. Fans are aware of the revenue streams that go into teams. They're aware of the TV deals. They are more and more skeptical of claims about financial losses. The tide is moving that way.

The owners decided to make it harder for teams to win the World Series by increasing the playoffs. The Mets are capable of going up anywhere. The Dodgers have been there for a long time. In the new era of making it rain, the Padres haven't reached a World Series. Over the last 15 years, the Yankees and the Rays have both appeared in the World Series. They'll always be out of that.

The Mets still have problems. Something of a window They are only around for a couple of years and have health concerns. It wouldn't work. Nothing will be different if it doesn't. Something has to stop. Half of the NL is trying.

Cohen could possibly burn it all. Even if it's the worst feeling in the world, we can only hope.

Thanks so much to all of you who stop by every morning, this is my last time. It means a lot. I wish you a happy new year!