Steve Cohen seems to be a boss who is obsessed with winning.

He wants to win a championship in three to five years. I want to make the playoffs. The team hasn't won the World Series in 26 years.

Cohen has given money to the Mets. On Wednesday, baseball fans woke up to find out that the Mets had scored Carlos Correa, a star free-agent infielder, who was set to sign a 13-year, $350 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. The deal with Giants fell apart after a physical examination, according to reports. A 12-year deal was offered by the Mets.

The signing comes amidst an already aggressive signing period for the Mets, who added a Cy Young winner and an all-star pitcher to their roster.

The Mets have signed over 800 million dollars in free agents.

The team's payroll, including luxury tax payments, will be $500 million in 2023, making it the highest in MLB history, if the deal goes through.

The league imposed new costs on the team because they spent so much on pay.

He said that he bought the Mets to win.

He told Mian that he doesn't have to make a living.

Cohen went from a hedge fund shark to the sentimental owner of the New York Mets in less than two years.

From hedge fund shark to 'Uncle Stevie': Billionaire NY Mets owner Steve Cohen is trading less, embracing work-from-home, and feeling happier overall.