I recently went to Mexico City. Since I live in California and he lives in Florida, I brought my dad along for the trip.

I used points, miles, credit card perks and an expired airline voucher to get the two of us to one of my favorite cities in the world. We spent three nights in Mexico City for $333.10 and included breakfast and dinner.

The inspiration for a last-minute trip to Mexico

I need to use or lose several credit card benefits by the end of the year. Up to $200 in hotel credits were included with the Platinum Card. The Aeromexico flight voucher I had from a canceled flight last year was due to expire on December 31st.

I need three more nights with Hyatt to get back into Globalist status. It looked like I was going to Mexico at some point in December when I used my $200 in hotel credits at the Hyatt location.

I got an email from my mom that said she was booking a cruise with a friend. My wife wanted to know if you would take your dad somewhere while your mom is on her trip. It's a perfect idea. We could go to Mexico City for a long weekend and meet somewhere between Florida and California.

Before you go to Mexico, there are some things you should know.

Sitting on the hop-on, hop-off bus with my dad. RYAN SMITH/THE POINTS GUY

What I had available for booking the trip

I had an Aeromexico voucher that was going to be worthless by the end of the year. I paid an additional $26.91 after using this for flights between Los Angeles International Airport and Mexico City International Airport. I paid for this with my Amex Platinum card.


Our hotel is listed in The Hotel Collection. A minimum stay of two nights is required for these bookings. Spending credits and free spa treatments have been given to me from previous bookings.

There is a comparison of luxury hotel programs.

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I received a statement credit of $200 from American Express to bring the cost down to $174.


World of Hyatt points were used to book the third night of our stay. During our trip, the Hyatt Regency Mexico City used off peak pricing. A redemption value of 2 cents per point is what I could get if I booked a room for 9000 points.

Points and miles are worth something. Monthly valuations of the company.


I was pretty sure I would get stay credit with World of Hyatt for all three nights of our stay. I received stay credit on every stay from The Hotel Collection or Fine Hotels + Resorts when booking a property that participates in World of Hyatt, Marriott Bonvoy andHiltonHonors.

I started looking for my dad's flights after I got my flights. After my flights were canceled, I had miles trapped in my accounts. I wanted to use those and not transfer points from my memberships.

We didn't need to check a bag since it was just a weekend trip. Booking options were easier and less expensive because of that.

I used 18,000 Avios and $93.19 for my father to fly on American Airlines. The outbound date of our trip was not shown on British Airways' website.


My father went to Mexico City on Delta Air Lines. I paid $39 in taxes and fees after using 36,000 Skymiles.


The cheapest option for my father's flights would have cost more if we had paid in cash. I paid for all of them, but only $132.19 out of pocket.

Getting free meals along the way

We were upgraded to a room on the 36th floor of the Hyatt Regency Mexico City because of my Hyatt Globalist status. There was a daily breakfast buffet, afternoon snacks and light bites. Drinks were available for free throughout the day.

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The hotel gave a $100 on-property credit to be used during the dates covered by our Hotel Collection booking. We used our credit at the hotel's restaurants because we didn't have a car or a place to park. A Christmas ornament for my parents' tree from the Amado and Amado Market was one of the things we picked up. We ate at the restaurant near the hotel lobby. We had nothing to pay at checkout because all of these were covered by our spending credit.

The Teppan Grill, which serves teppanyaki-style Japanese cooking in front of you, is one of the dining choices at the hotel.

Part of a mural by David Siqueiros in the Mexican History Museum in the Chapultepec Castle. RYAN SMITH/THE POINTS GUY

Bottom line

We went to museums, rode the hop-on, hop-off bus and ate our weight in taco. We didn't have to pay for breakfast or dinner because we had free food at the hotel, and we had $100 to spend at the hotel.

In Mexico City, tourists must eat and drink 13 things.

It would be difficult to take two people from opposite sides of the U.S. to Mexico City. I had everything I needed for the trip. I stacked an expired flight voucher, hotel credits and frequent flyer miles to get my father and I to another country. I spent $333.10 instead of $1,646 to cover the cost of our hotel and flights on our dates of travel. I booked all of this before we left.

It wasn't the most valuable points redemption I have ever made, but the memories make it one of the best.

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