Did you think we were done with the Apple Watch Ultra? The Apple Watch was supposed to be used for triathlons. Several of the Ultra's marquee features were targeted in a series of mini-reviews.

We wanted to see how well the Ultra's new app worked on a hike off the grid. In order to test the Ultra's navigation capabilities and Backtrack feature, my colleagues Vjeran Pavic and Becca Farsace lost their way in the park. We compared the safety whistle to the Ultra's Siren to see which had the wider range.

While I was in the pool with the Ultra, it wasn't a real test of how it works as a dive computer. While we don't have a diver on the staff, we enlisted the help of a professional to compare the Ultra to a diving watch.

Say you aren't a hiker or a diver. The Ultra is designed for athletes. Vjeran took the Ultra downs some slopes in Sierra Nevada and I ran around New York City with the fitness tracking capabilities to see if they worked.

We didn't crack the Ultra like we did thePixel Watch. That doesn't mean it's impervious. We took the Ultra to iFixit to see if it could be repaired in the event of a problem.

The Ultra was supposed to live up to the hype. Do our opinions change after three months? You will have to watch the video to find out, but we want you to go to the sections you are most interested in.