The public spat between two of the GOP's most prolific Trump supporters was caused by the deep divisions in the party caused by Kevin McCarthy's speakership bid.

President Biden Delivers His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

The State of the Union address is being delivered by the U.S. president. The photo was taken by Evelyn Hockstein- Pool.

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The Rothschild family, a frequent target of antisemitic conspiracy theories, is not something that Boebert agrees with.

Boebert didn't say she'd vote against McCarthy for speaker.

Boebert was accused of childishly criticize her for a cheap sound bite, while also noting she, former President Donald Trump and McCarthy have all donated to and publicly supported her.

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When the GOP won a slim, four-seat majority in the House, McCarthy's hopes of becoming speaker were thrown into doubt. Knowing that McCarthy needed the support of nearly every GOP member to win, a conservative coalition of House members seized upon the narrow margin to wage a challenge to McCarthy and negotiate a list of demands. The five Freedom Caucus members will vote as a bloc in the speakership elections. The congressman who lost the speaker nomination to McCarthy said he would run against him. Seven other conservative Republicans drafted a letter to colleagues that did not mention McCarthy by name, but called on incoming House leadership to implement a list of demands. Boebert supports the proposed rule change that would allow for the removal of the speaker if the majority of the caucus agrees. The rule needs to be changed so that one member can bring the motion.

There's a thing called Tangent.

Both Boebert and Greene are ardent supporters of gun rights, and both supported false election fraud. During President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech in March, they were pictured chanting "build the wall" together. The two have sparred behind the scenes, including one argument over Greene's attendance at an event hosted by a white supremacist.

Further reading is required.

Here is what could happen if Republican infighting continues.

Marjorie Taylor Greene may have blamed a space laser for the fires. Here's the response fromForbes.

Boebert pulled ahead of the long-shot opponent in Nail- Biter.