TikTok introduces transparency in content algorithm

TikTok is becoming more transparent by introducing a new feature that will let users know why their videos are recommended. Users will see a question mark icon in their For You feed when the change is implemented.

TikTok created a new algorithm transparency tool

TikTok will continue to expand this feature to bring more transparency to content recommendations.

The app has been banned from government devices in some states and is going through a national security review with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.

Social media platforms have faced a lot of scrutiny recently over the type of content young users are being directed to that can lead them toward harmful content surrounding suicide and eating disorders.

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that one of the ways TikTok suggested content to users was how long the person lingered over the video.

Lawmakers are trying to ban TikTok from operating in the US.

In a press release last week, Rubio accused TikTok of collecting user's data to "manipulate feeds" and accused the app of being a "CCP"puppet company.

One of the ways we are trying to bring transparency to the people who use our platform is through this feature.

The company behind the app has made a number of announcements that seem to ease concerns about the app and the company behind it. The company has pledged to be more transparent with its content moderation systems, as well as adding tools for users to personalize the content recommendations.

The company wrote in the news release that they wanted people to feel confident and connected on their platform. We equip creators and viewers with a variety of features, tools, and resources so they can stay in control of their experience. We added a feature today that helps bring more context to the content recommended in For You feeds.