There was a poll that Musk posted on Sunday. Is it a good idea for him to stay on as CEO ofTwitter? He said he wouldabide by the results. Almost 58 percent of participants said that they should step down already.

Most likely it was meaningless. CNBC reported that Musk was looking for a replacement before posting the poll. The search has been going on for a long time. What's going on? Musk has described his time at Twitter as only a temporary one.

Musk has described his time at the micro-blogging site as only a temporary one.

After making his initial bid for the company, Musk told investors that he would only serve as the company's CEO for a short time. For what it's worth, this was based on Faber's report.

He testified during a trial for a lawsuit that he didn't like being the CEO of any company. He didn't want to be the CEO of the company. He said that he doesn't see his role as a traditional chief executive at his companies.

Musk is under increasing pressure from prominent investors to re-devote himself to the electric car company that has been the main driver of his success. Musk and his investors are in for more pain down the road as the stock price continues to plummet, even as Musk has discussed finding a replacement.

Who will be picked by Musk eventually? There are some obvious choices, including David Sacks, who was advising Musk in the early chaotic days of his acquisition, as opposed to the current chaos of banned journalist accounts and slapdash policies preventing users from sharing other social media accounts. According to CNN, it was due to the fact that he was seen with Musk at the final World Cup match that he was thrown in.

Musk wants people to like him so he is going to let users think they have a say in the process. It's part of the illusion to convince them that their voice matters in a corporate decision that was likely decided long before anyone voted. He has responded to users' complaints and suggestions on social media and turned them into features in his electric cars.

The CEO search is likely not the reason for the poll. It sounds like it's not going well. Soon after posting the poll, he said, "No one wants the job who can actually keepTwitter alive" There isn't a new person.