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A sporting event is incomplete without referees. Sometimes they become the focus of contests. At a point where some of their calls are absolutely absurd, it is obvious that this is what happens in a lot of football games. Sometimes the refs need to step aside and let the game play out, because they are throwing flags that make or break games.

The Giants and Commanders played on Sunday night and there were two big plays that officials messed up. One of the most important games of the season was this one. The Commanders had a chance to score on their last drive, but they were stopped at the one yard line.

The official who called the illegal formation on the play is despicable. Terry McLaurin looked to the ref before the snap to make sure he was lined up correctly. This penalty is being called a penalty because it is the smallest detail which is great in other situations but not here. The outcome of the play was not something that McLaurin had anything to do with.

The next play should have been defensive pass interference in the end zone, but instead the officials decided to whistle on it. The Giants defender was hugging the Commanders receiver before the ball arrived. In real time, it was obvious. There is no need for the slow-MOTION instant replay. It hurts to lose a game on bad calls by the refs, and they aren't held accountable for their actions afterwards. It's at least not public.

The Vikings were able to overcome a mistake by the officials that almost cost them the game. When the ball came out of Jackson's arms, you could see that he was still standing. The ref should have been able to see that, but his view may have been blocked. If the ball can't be advanced on an overturned play that negates a touchdown, the game could have gone to overtime. The zebras are always getting it wrong and costing teams points and victories.

The officials are evaluated by the league after every game, and they can be written up for bad calls or being out of position. This should be something that refs have to answer for when they make a mistake. The media and players have their work critiqued. When officials make bad calls, they don't have to apologize and they can go hide. The refs are protected from criticism, even though the league will make a statement for some of the calls.

Human error is a part of football games. You want to get the right call as much as you can. Officials have blown more calls in the past couple of years than they have in the past. The league is being asked to clean that up and make refs take responsibility after the fact. To be eligible for a challenge, you have to make some calls that aren't challenged. The refs are ruining these games a lot.