I earned Globalist status after 15 years of being loyal to World of Hyatt.

What does it take to earn lifetime Hyatt Globalist status?

The World of Hyatt program offers lifetime Globalist status, which is my favorite tier of hotel status. You can earn this by accumulating base points in the World of Hyatt program. You earn 5x base points for every dollar you spend, which equates to $200K in Hyatt spending over the years.

I used to pay for hotels in lieu of paying rent when I lived in hotels full time.

Park Hyatt Auckland

What stay earned me lifetime Globalist status?

The introduction to my report was posted recently. Based on the title, I qualified for lifetime Globalist status at the Thompson Austin.

A few months back I posted about my general thought process of planning a special stay for this occasion. While I had hoped to do something grander, I ended up just being practical. Between moving, being a new dad, family health issues, etc., I didn’t want to delay this stay any further.

Since most of my Hyatt stays will be at limited service hotels, I thought the Thompson Austin was a good place to reach this milestone. I would prefer to earn this at a Thompson with friends than at a Hyatt Place alone.

I earned lifetime Globalist at the Thompson Austin

Does anything special happen when you earn lifetime status?

I don't know how my stay qualifies for lifetime globalist. It's the same as every other thing. I used a confirmed suite upgrade to block the suite I was in.

Thompson Austin San Jacinto Suite

I booked through the Hyatt Privé program and got a modest welcome amenity.

Thompson Austin welcome amenity

There was no on- property recognition of the milestone. I apologize to the peanut gallery for assuming that bloggers are treated differently.

The stay was posted to my World of Hyatt account. There was a pop-up telling me that I had earned lifetime Globalist status.

I received an email detailing all the perks I will receive as a lifetime Globalist member.

The status on the Hyatt website and app is now called "Lifetime Globalist" rather than "Globalist"

I will report back as to whether or not I notice a difference in treatment on property as a lifetime Globalist member. The difference in recognition is not much.

How will this change my Hyatt stay patterns?

I feel fortunate to have earned lifetime Globalist status in my early 30s, since I will hopefully have plenty of time to enjoy it. How will my hotel loyalty strategy change after earning lifetime Globalist status? It's likely not at all.

Even if you don't earn Globalist status, lifetime status with World of Hyatt is still worth something. There is only one hotel loyalty program where that is the case.

Four confirmed suite upgrades, a Category 1-8 free night award, and many other perks are given to Lifetime Globalist members.

Even if you are a lifetime Globalist, there is still a lot of incentive to stay involved. If you rack up 60 elite nights in a year, you will receive eight suite upgrade awards, two category 1-8 free night awards, etc.

I think I will be able to get Globalist with the help of credit cards. I will have more free night awards and I will be able to confirm most of my stays in suites.

I don't have to worry about earning it anymore since I have this status in the bag. It sucks when a loyalty program changes the requirements for earning lifetime status, only to have the goalposts changed on you, which is why I think it's not worth pursuing lifetime status as a goal.

The benefits of Globalist status may change over time. It is possible that free night awards will not be included in the program a decade down the road. I am confident that lifetime Globalist members will maintain the highest level of status.

Alila Jabal Akhdar

I have earned lifetime status with the World of Hyatt after many Hyatt stays. I will probably continue to qualify for Globalist annually, but I will just get some great incremental annual rewards, including four additional suite upgrades and a Category 1-8 free night award.

I have Hyatt's top tier status in the bag for life, if changes are made to the lifetime program, or I just have a year where I'm not able to stay at Hyatts as much.

It was anti-climactic and every other stay was like that when I was there.

Is anything I should be aware of?