The White House photographers stopped taking pictures after advisers told Donald Trump that a violent mob would descend on the Capitol.

The executive summary of the final report of the House January 6 committee is more than 150 pages long and contains accounts of Trump's interactions with a White House photographer after the former president had been informed about the riots.

According to the report, Trump discovered that the Capitol was being attacked at 1:45 p.m. He asked a White House staffer if they had seen his speech earlier in the day, and they said it was cut off because of the Capitol situation. The staffer said that there were riots at the Capitol.

Oh, really? The report states that Trump asked. Let's go check it out. A White House photographer took a picture of the moment Trump found out about the riots, which was the last one allowed until later in the day.

There were no pictures of the President for the rest of the day. The report said that the White House photographer was not to take any pictures.

The House select committee did not find any records of Trump's phone calls or his diary during the day.

Trump's office didn't reply immediately.

The January 6 committee recommended that the Department of Justice charge Trump with conspiracy, obstruction, and inciting the insurrection.

A final report detailing the findings of the investigation is expected to be published later this week.

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