Vikings complete largest comeback in NFL history to clinch NFC North (1:52)

The Vikings came back from a 33 point deficit to beat the Colts 39-36 on Saturday. There is a time and a place for this.

2:56 PM ET

The Minnesota Vikings are suspicious of the illegal hits that receiver Justin Jefferson has taken this month, including two in the historic comeback victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Kevin O'Connell has mentioned it twice in the past three days. O'Connell joked that Jefferson had taken shots from Colts players. There is an emphasis on the teams we are playing. Some of those hits seem to be intentional.

Jefferson was taken to the hospital in the fourth quarter. O'Connell had a rib/chest contusion after being hit by Colts safety Rodney Thomas. Jefferson was forced to leave the game after being hit in the head by Gilmore.

Jefferson was hit in the head and neck area. Several hits that the Vikings protested but were not flagged have happened in the last few weeks. O'Connell was confident that Jefferson would be available for the Christmas Eve game against the New York Giants.

O'Connell thinks we need to protect him a bit better. He's too important to our league. It seems like a weekly occurrence right now.

Jefferson has played more snaps than any other receiver in the league. Through 14 games, he leads the league in both catches and yards.