Apple is testing an all-new Mac Pro with an M2 Ultra chip, but the company has likely abandoned plans to release a higher-end configuration with a so-called "M2 Extreme" chip.

Gurman said in the latest edition of his newsletter that the Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip will be available with up to a 24 core processor, up to a 76 core graphics card, and at least 192 gigabytes of memory. He expects the new Mac Pro to be the same size as the current one, but with more memory, storage, and components.

According to Gurman, the higher-end model with the M2 Extreme chip would have been available with up to a 48-coreCPU and up to a 152-coreGPU, but he believes that it was scrapped due to cost and manufacturing complexity.

"Based on Apple's current pricing structure, an M2 Extreme version of a Mac Pro would probably cost at least $10,000, without any other upgrades, making it an extremely niche product that probably isn't worth the development costs, engineering resources and production bandwidth it would require," he wrote

The Intel-based Mac Pro costs $5,999 in the US. The new model will probably launch in 2023, but Gurman didn't give an updated time frame.