Meta just got hit again. John Carmack is leaving his high-level consulting role at the company and complaining about its inefficiency.

The metaverse, a virtual world that has underwhelmed users and could take years to become profitable if it ever does, is one of the reasons why he is leaving. Meta employees who are involved in the effort don't seem to like it.

Growth in social media has slowed due to the fact that Meta has spent a lot on it. Last month it announced large layoffs and its shares have plummeted.

Carmack explained his reasons for leaving Meta in a farewell note shared on Facebook.

He said that he has always been frustrated with the way things are done at Meta. It doesn't get put together well enough for spectacular success.

Fortune reached out to Meta and will update this piece with any reply.

Carmack works with virtual reality headsets. He was the chief technology officer of the company. He was the leader of the video game programmers.

His exit won't do much to calm investors worried about Meta's direction, and it has many in the tech industry wondering how efficient large companies are.

Frustration at Meta

Dan Luu said that Carmack's farewell note "summarizes a sentiment I've heard from literally all of the highest impact/most effective people I've talked to at large companies."

Vittorio Bertocci, principal architect for Auth0, said that it felt weird to think that people of his caliber would face those challenges.

Some software engineers said that Carmack inspired them to enter the profession after reading comments below his departure note.

It is impossible to overstate the impact you've had on our work and the industry as a whole. Your technical prowess is well known, but it is your focus on creating value for people that will be remembered the most. I would like to thank you and see you in virtual reality.

Carmack said that virtual reality inspired him because it should be better inside the headset than outside.

Carmack's startup raised $20 million in August. The goal is to be like a human.

At the time of the funding, he said, "AGI or bust, by way of Mad Science"

He will be less hampered by bureaucracy trying to achieve it.

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