Rihanna and A$ap Rocky Baby Photoshoot Backgrid

The waves crashing on the California coast are what will be used to introduce their child to the world.

The couple was on hand for a photo shoot Friday afternoon in Malibu, where they were wearing matching black outfits and were next to a camera crew and production team. Their 7-month-old boy was one of the other guests.


Nobody knows his name yet. You can see the child's face while he was being cradled by Papa Bear.

Ri Ri posted a close-up video of her baby in the car and he's adorable. She said she wanted to keep things private so she gave up a glimpse of him.

Tik Tok/@rihanna

While this outing certainly looked like it could've been an official family gig, there are moments where it seems like only one person is getting photographed It could have been Bring Your Baby To Work Day. We will find out soon enough.

We reported that as well. The baby was born on May 13th. She and A$AP have a child.

Rihanna and A$AP together Getty

Since welcoming their child, RiRi and A$AP have been out and about, and have looked busy as well. A lot is happening in the Mayers-Fenty household.