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Soldiers conduct military exercises in Moscow, Russia, on September 1, 2022.Russian Defense Ministry/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
  • Russia made a lot of mistakes as they launched an invasion of Ukraine.

  • Russian troops were not prepared for conflict due to the lack of food and supplies.

  • Russia has never made such stupid decisions, according to a retired general.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine was rife with strategic errors, with a military force that was unprepared for the conflict and logistical issues that have hampered the Kremlin.

One of the clearest examples of poor decision-making that has defined the invasion is the story of Russia's 155th naval infantry brigade.

While in combat, the troops in the naval brigade lacked sufficient food, maps, critical medical supplies, or walkie-talkies, and they were forced to use 1970s-era Kalashnikov rifles.

Several members of the brigade told The Times that some of the newly-enlisted military fighters didn't know how to shoot guns and didn't have many bullets to use in combat.

The members were told that they wouldn't see combat. They realized that they weren't told the truth about their role in the conflict when they saw their friends being killed.

A Russian solider who witnessed many of his colleagues dying near the Ukrainian town of Pavlivka told The Times that only eight of his platoon were seriously injured.

"This isn't a war, it's a medical emergency," he said from the hospital. The Russian people have been destroyed by their own commanders.

Russian President Putin was very confident in the country's military when he launched the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has not been able to defeat the Ukrainian military and has been isolated from the west.

The decision to invade Ukraine was driven by Putin's self-aggrandizement and anti-Western zeal.

According to The Times report, Russia's invasion plans showed that the military expected troops to march across Ukraine and take control of the country, with officers being instructed to bring along their dress uniforms and medals for military parades.

According to the report, the Russian military had been "severely compromised" by corruption.

Russian troops on the ground relied on maps from the 1960s to navigate their way across the country, and many used their cellphones to call numbers in Russia, which allowed the Ukrainians to locate and attack them. Some Russian pilots flew their planes as if they weren't in danger.

In January, the retired Russian general wrote an open letter saying that a full-scale war with Ukraine would endanger the existence of Russia.

Ivashov told The Times that Russia had never made such stupid decisions. stupidity, greed, a kind of revenge and even a kind of malice has triumphed.

The West assessed Russia's numerous setbacks throughout the conflict according to a spokesman for Putin.

He said that it was a big burden for them. It was hard to believe in the cynicism and bloodthirstyness of the West.

High-speed anti-radiation missiles have been sent to Ukraine by the Biden administration.

The United States has given over $65 billion in aid to the country.

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