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Did you hear? The sky is no longer visible.

If you listen to pundits that want all the clicks, you would think that Apple is going to be forced to allow iPhone users to sideload apps, which would mean the end of everything. If Meta pulls all their apps from the App Store, your iProducts will be filled with malicious software.

Hockey is played with a bull.

The Digital Markets Act will change how tech companies milk us for their business. If you take 10 minutes to read it, you'll see that the drama is all speculation and nothing more. Gatekeepers, companies that have a significant market share in the EU, generate a lot of cash inside the EU, and have a significant business presence in three or more EU member countries, would no longer be allowed to have unfair business practices.


EU Parliament

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Is Apple considered a middleman in the European Union? It's probably a possibility. Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft are all possibilities. They will have to allow third parties to cooperate with their own services. It's mine. If that is the case, every app in the App Store will remain the same, even if users can sideload them. Meta won't remove Facebook andInstagram from the App Store and will still include them in the place where everyone gets their apps.

This whole debate doesn't mean anything until we know exactly what's going on, but one very specific section of the DMA is a lot more concise, a lot more concerning, and will lead to a bunch of "broken" tech.

Gatekeeper platforms are no longer preventing users from un-installing pre-installed software.

I thought it was awesome. I can uninstall Skype from my gaming PC, get rid of all the extra apps on my phone, and get rid of the small amount of space they're taking up.

I think that people will uninstall things that make it impossible for their products to work normally.

Cortana in Windows Task Manager

Goodbye Cortana. Nobody will miss you. (Image credit: Future)
  • Why does my iPhone need Safari, WebKit, and WebKit2? Buh-bye extra second WebKit2, you're going away just like Apple Stocks.
  • I'm going to sideload all my Android apps so I can delete this Google Play Services thingy. Adios!
  • I didn't save up the money to buy 32GB of memory for my Windows Desktop just so the Window Manager can eat 40MB of it. I'll delete it and manage Windows myself.

These things are applications. Deleting them will cause your device to work differently. The actual page content is rendered by the WebKit2 engine. It's possible to communicate with each other in a secure way with the help of the play services. The window manager draws everything on the screen.

I don't know if there are better examples of "app" deletion. I am a computer nerd, but I am not an expert on all operating systems. The person who is going to randomly start deletions is not you.

IPhone won't turn on

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This scenario isn't following the spirit of the DMA and there will be exceptions and clarifications to make sure dummy can't uninstall the app. Even if they have to add a developer setting to sideload content, Apple will still be able to use the App Store.

It's worse to uninstall system apps and services than it is to sideload the game. It doesn't get the clicks and likes that some people want for their phone.

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