Local officials confirmed on Saturday that at least 24 people were killed when a slide swept through a campground in Malaysia.

Malaysia Landslide

The people missing in Malaysia are feared to have been buried under the mud.

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Nearly 100 people had been camping at the Father's Organic Farm campsite in Malaysia's Batang Kali region when the slide occurred.

As the rescue operation continued into Saturday night, the Malaysian outlet The Star reported that the chances of finding more survivors was slim.

The local fire and rescue service said in a statement that there was a three-acre area affected by the collapse of a nearly 100 foot hill.

13 deaths, including three children, were initially reported by local officials, and 61 were reported to be in safe condition.

One survivor said that the slide sounded like thunder and that their tents were unstable.

The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Saturday that it was working quickly and would provide the equivalent of $2,260 in assistance for the families of those killed.

Search For Landslide Survivors Underway In Malaysia

The search for missing victims continues.

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Search For Landslide Survivors Underway In Malaysia

On the second day of the search, there are still some missing people.

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Landslides in Malaysia are usually triggered by large amounts of rain in the rainy season which lasts from the late spring through October. Landslides happen in December. In 1993, 48 people were killed when a highrise condo building in Selangor collapsed. The area with 20-years-worth of water that had been accumulating in the ground was the cause of the slide this week.


On the Italian island of Ischia, 11 people were killed when a torrent of mud and debris swept through a coastal neighborhood.

The death toll from a Malaysian campsite has risen to 24.

There are at least 12 missing in Ischia.