It lit up the night sky with more than just its fiery engines.

The SES satelltes O3b mPower 1 and 2 were launched in the twilight on December 16th and created a bright cloud in the sky. The satellites were launched by a Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 40. It was visible from North Carolina.

"We had great views of the launch of O3b mPower 1&2 tonight and were treated to an awesome twilight effect," wrote observers at NCSpaceOps on the social media site.

There are 8 ways that the space company has changed spaceflight.

We had great views of @SpaceX's launch of O3b mPower 1&2 tonight and were treated to an awesome twilight effect over #SOBX & #CoastalNC! #spacex #nc #NorthCarolina #twilighteffect #jellyfisheffect 17, 2022

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A series of photos by observers were shared by the chief meteorologist for WPDE ABC-15.

The photos, taken from various locations around North Carolina, show stunning views of the Falcon 9 rocket at sunset as it soars into space.

Spectacular shot of #SpaceX #Falcon9 ๐Ÿš€ flying high over Pawleys Island this evening. Awesome photo Benjamin Dameron! #scwx #ncwx @natwxdesk 17, 2022

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Another cool ๐Ÿ“ธ of the #SpaceX #Falcon9 ๐Ÿš€ launch as seen Ocean Isle Beach via Mickey Cochran. #scwx #ncwx 17, 2022

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One of the best shots Iโ€™ve seen of the #SpaceX #Falcon9 launch. This was taken by Rusty Flagg in Cherry Grove. 16, 2022

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Some people are looking in the night sky.

"What is this thing?" asked observer Harrison Santangelo on the social networking site.

@EdPiotrowski what is this thing? Seen around 6:00 over the Atlantic. 16, 2022

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One observer reported seeing the launch from the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean over 700 miles away from the Florida launch site.

The photos from North Carolina were even more striking than the ones from Florida. Ken Kremer, a space reporter and photographer, captured a long exposure of the launch.

It took 60 seconds for the launch to hit into the clouds.

60sec wide angle twilight streak! punched into thick overhead clouds never to be seen again! Blastoff #SpaceX #Falcon9 @SES 548pm pad 40,right of huge USAF rocket/sat facility. Delivered 2 O3b mPower 1&2 broadband comsats to MEO. 1.7mil lb thrust exhaust spew + water reflection! 17, 2022

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Veteran launch photographer Ben Cooper matched a long-exposure of the sunset launch with a closeup of the moment of liftoff in his views shared on the social networking site.

While observing the launch from 14 miles away in Cocoa Beach, Florida, photographer Michael Seeley captured a similar view.

At 5:48pm (ET) Friday #SpaceX launched the O3b mPOWER mission for @SES_Satellites. This was the view from Cocoa Beach, Florida, 14 miles south of the pad (SLC-40). 16, 2022

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The launch of the SES satellites was the second of the day. The Hawthorne, California-based company began the day with the launch of NASA's new Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite.

At 6:46 a.m., that mission lifted off. At California's Vandenberg Space Force Base, you'll find a SpaceX pad. The photos of the flight show brilliant views of the launch, as well as the Falcon 9 rocket's first stage coming back for a landing.

Falcon 9 launches the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission to orbit; first stage booster returns to Earth 16, 2022

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There will be a new set of Starlink internet satellites in the sky on December 17th. The mission will be launched from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. The liftoff time is 4:32 pm. The time is 2142GMT.

You can watch the rocket launch on the internet. We'll show it on the website. About 15 minutes before liftoff, the webcasts begin for the company.

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