The report references the February ruling of the U.S. District Court Judge that said Trump's language was inciting violence when a mob of his supporters besieged the Capitol in a bid to disrupt congressional certification of his loss to Joe The Senate voted in favor of convicting Trump on an "incitement of insurrection" charge passed by the House.

In order to violate the insurrection statute, Trump needed to provide "aid or comfort" to the rioters.

A select committee spokesman wouldn't say anything.

The committee's plans were denounced by a Trump spokesman.

Steven Cheung said in a statement that the January 6th un-select committee held show trials by Never Trump partisans who are a stain on this country's history. This court has been nothing more than a Hollywood executive's project that makes a mockery of our democracy.

Congress has no legal weight when it comes to referrals from the DOJ. The select committee wants lawmakers to have a say in prosecutorial decisions. The possibility of referrals to bar associations for lawyers involved in election subversion efforts has been raised by the panel chair.

Lawmakers have debated the value of referrals for a long time. The referrals have been made into a play for history and have stressed their symbolic nature, regardless of what DOJ or other entities might do.

The enormous cache of evidence the panel plans to release next week, including transcripts of over 1,000 witness interviews, could prove to be an even more significant development by helping federal prosecutors determine which witnesses may have committed crimes themselves.

The committee interviewed members of Trump's inner circle, from his White House counsel to his children. Some key witnesses pleaded the Fifth or invoked privileges that the committee could not pierce, but many gave extraordinary evidence of Trump's plan.

According to the panel, Trump spread false claims about the results of the election in order to stop the transition of power to Joe Biden. They say Trump pressured state and local government officials, the Justice Department and his own vice president to help him get a second term despite losing the election. They say he tried to derail the certification of the election by using a mob that was armed.

According to the panel, Trump incited the crowd at the rally to fight like hell by telling them to march on the Capitol and that he lied about election fraud. During the mob attack on the Capitol, Trump incited further violence by attacking Vice President Mike Pence, who was fleeing the mob at the time. As the attack continued, Trump refused to order the mob to leave.

He continued to watch the attack on television and held calls with his allies to plan his next move.