Marriott Bonvoy is giving members 3000 bonus points when they link their account for the first time with the app. Here you can link your accounts. The offer is open to all Bonvoy members who haven't linked their accounts yet. The offer announcement can be seen on Facebook.

There is a new partnership between Marriott and the two ride hailing companies. You can earn up to 6x bonus Bonvoy points for every dollar spent with the ridesharing and food ordering apps if you link your accounts.

Marriott Uber Eats

The Deal

  • Earn bonus Marriott Bonvoy points with Uber and Uber Eats in the following ways:
    • 6x points per dollar on Uber Eats deliveries to Marriott brand hotels in the US with a $25 minimum basket.
    • 2x points per dollar on Uber Eats deliveries to non-Marriott hotel locations and food pick-ups in the US with a $25 minimum basket.
    • 3x points per dollar on Uber XL, Comfort & Black rides in the US.
  • Earn 3,000 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points when linking your accounts and making a qualifying transaction.

There is a direct link to the offer.

Key Terms

There is a 3000 bonus point offer.

  • Open only to members who live in the United States
  • Open only to members that have not previously linked your accounts
  • There is no purchase necessary for bonus points
  • Allow six to eight weeks from account linking for bonus points to appear in your Marriott Bonvoy Account.

Quick Thoughts

There is nothing you need to do beyond linking your accounts to earn 6x Marriott Bonvoy points. You only get 6x points when you get food delivered to hotels in the Marriott family.

You have to have a minimum basket of 25 to get 2x points for food deliveries elsewhere. This is an easy way to get bonus Marriott points if you order food from the food delivery service.

You can earn 3x points on rides, but only if you earn bonus points for Comfort, Black and U.S. flights. You won't earn Marriott points if you pick the lowest priced rides. It isn't enough for a 3x points rate to make up for the savings that will be received if you pick the cheaper option.

I am not sure if the amount of money you have to pay before taxes and fees is worth the trouble. 50% off or $10 off is a promo code that can be found on the website of the food delivery service. Adding $25 of food to your basket and using a promo code will earn you bonus points, but the terms from Marriott state that you have to have at least $25 in your basket. The terms for the 3000 bonus points offer have been added.

It will stack with other offers since Marriott points are earned by linking your accounts.

You can link your accounts by going to the Marriott Bonvoy in the rewards section of the app. Once you log in, your accounts will be linked.