Priority Pass has a lot of airport lounges. Restaurants are included in the non-lounge options of the Priority Pass. Priority Pass members can enjoy sit-down dining at some airports.

The list of U.S. restaurants changing frequently. Priority Pass restaurant lounges can be found at 22 US airports. The Priority Pass restaurant benefit can be used in the US.

Priority Pass restaurants in the US

Yankee Pier in San Francisco. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

The Priority Pass program includes a list of airports' restaurants.

Priority Pass participants can eat at restaurants at airports outside the U.S. Priority Pass gives you access to a number of non-traditional airport lounges.

  • An hour in a private room at select Minute Suite locations.
  • Use of a game station for one hour (and a snack and a bottle of water or soft drink) at select Gameway locations.
  • Select treatments at participating Be Relax Spa locations.
  • Discounts with select airport merchants through retail offers.

It's always a good idea to check out the Priority Pass website before going to an airport.

You can get a free airport lunch.

How to get Priority Pass restaurant access

Landry's Seafood in Houston. SUMMER HULL/THE POINTS GUY

Priority Pass restaurants will give you free food or drinks if you are a member. Priority Pass memberships can be purchased. Priority Pass memberships are complimentary on several premium cards.

If you have an American Express card, you don't get complimentary access to restaurants. Capital One will no longer provide complimentary access to Priority Pass restaurants.

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Priority Pass memberships are provided by other credit card companies and they still offer the restaurant benefit. My top three cards that offer Priority Pass Select membership, which includes restaurant access, are the Chase Reserve, Citi Prestige and Visa Infinite credit cards.

The Points Guy did not collect the information for the two credit cards. The card issuer did not review or provide the card details on this page.

If your issuer does not automatically enroll you, you should enroll in Priority Pass. You will receive a physical Priority Pass card in the mail once you enroll.

There are 10 credit cards that give priority pass airport lounge access.

How to use the Priority Pass restaurant benefit

Yankee Pier in San Francisco. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

Since some lounges and restaurants don't accept digital cards, put your Priority Pass card in your carry on bag or travel wallet.

Mention to the greeter or host at the restaurant that you will use your Priority Pass membership for your meal. At this point, you can find out if the restaurant accepts Priority Pass members or not. Most of the Priority Pass restaurant pages contain the following information.

Please note that the restaurant may exceed their seating limit at certain times of the day & access to the restaurant is at their sole discretion.

You'll be able to get a dining credit for your card and a guest. The restaurant's rules should be checked with your Priority Pass benefit. The Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar in Houston has a limit on the number of guests that can be claimed.


The amount of dining credit varies from restaurant to restaurant. The restaurant has a priority pass page. To-go and grab-and-go orders are not allowed at most Priority Pass restaurants. If you don't use your entire credit, you won't get a refunds.

My credit card annual fee has been offset with the help of Priority Pass.

Frequently asked questions

San Francisco Giants Club House. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

There are a lot of questions about Priority Pass restaurants.

How many times can you use Priority Pass restaurants within a day?

If you travel through an airport with multiple restaurants that participate in the Priority Pass program, you can visit all of them if you have time.

Travelers with an outbound boarding pass are only allowed to eat at some Priority Pass restaurants. If you just landed at your final destination, Priority Pass restaurants might not be able to serve you.

Does Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass include restaurants?

Airport lounges, restaurants, cafes and markets are included in the Priority Pass Select membership.

Priority Pass Select membership is free for Chase Reserve primary and authorized users. Some Priority Pass restaurants may allow fewer guests, but these members can bring up to two guests at no additional cost.

Is the yearly fee worth it?

Do you tip at Priority Pass restaurants?

If you use your Priority Pass at a restaurant, you should always tip the full amount of your bill. You can't use your Priority Pass credit toward gratuity at most restaurants, like Corona Beach House in Miami.

If your credit completely covers your bill, some restaurants may be willing to charge a small amount to your card so you can add a tip. If you need to leave a cash tip, you should have some money on hand.

Can you use multiple Priority Pass cards?

Only one Priority Pass card can be used at a restaurant. Only one card per visit will be accepted by most restaurants.

Bottom line

Priority Pass restaurants are included in the list of airports with flights.

Priority Pass restaurant lounge access is available if you frequently originate in or connect through one of these airports. If you want to avoid American Express and Capital One cards, you should consider the Chase Reserve. Check out our review to find out more about the card.

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