There will be a new 32-team men's Club World Cup starting in the year 2025.

The Club World Cup concept was supposed to launch in China in 2021 with 24 teams, but was canceled due to the Pandemic, and is now set for a further expansion from June25.

The current World Cup format, in place since 1998 which sees 32 teams drawn into eight groups of four, is also set to change in four years' time with the expansion of the tournament to 48 teams.

Infantino, speaking at a press conference for the first time since his controversial speech on the eve of the tournament, said the group stage format could still change.

The top two teams in each of the 16 groups will advance to a knockout phase of 32, followed by 16, eight, four and then two.

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino described the opening stages of the World Cup as the 'best ever' and the tournament a 'fantastic success' as well as adding that there are no small teams any more.

You wouldn't know who went through until the last minute of the final match. Whether we go for 16 groups of three or 12 groups of four will be a topic of discussion. In the next meetings, this will be on the agenda.

Infantino's review of Qatar World Cup:

  • Average attendance: 52,760
  • Biggest attendance: 88,966 - Argentina vs Mexico
  • 1.7m people attended FIFA fan festival
  • 62 matches so far
  • No team has won every game and teams from all continents moved to the knockout stage for the first time
  • First time a woman refereed a match - Stephanie Frappart - Germany vs Costa Rica
  • First time an African nations at the semi-finals - Morocco
  • Viewing and audience figures to be announced after final but approaching 5bn mark

Carragher: European clubs should boycott new Club World Cup

European clubs should boycott the new Club World Cup because over-used players are being treated like cattle, according to Jamie Carragher.

The World Cup every two years is another idea from Infantino.

The players are getting treated like animals. They don't like the league and want something like it. European clubs shouldn't be involved in it.

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The expansion of the Club World Cup and the expansion of the men's World Cup have not been proposed by the world governing body.

There are no radical changes to the international calendar that will affect the domestic league structure or the welfare of players.

They expect agreements to be reached with the leagues before anything is done.

FIFA's new plans for football

A new friendly 'World Series' tournament to take place in even years involving four teams, each selected from four different confederations, was one of the decisions revealed by Infantino.

Real Madrid will be one of seven teams that will compete in the Club World Cup in Algeria in February of 2022. Every four years will be the larger competition.

FIFA Football Agent Regulations approved

Basic service standards for football agents and their clients, including a mandatory licensing system, the prohibition of multiple representation to avoid conflicts of interest, and the introduction of a cap on commission are some of the things that have been approved by the FIFA Council.

The international match calendar will be changed from 2025, with four matches in late September and early October replacing two separate windows in September and October. The windows in March and June would not change.

The Women's World Cup will be held in 2031, while the men's World Cup will be held in 2030. Infantino wants to create a new women's Club World Cup, a new Futsal Women's World Cup and expand the Olympics Women's tournament from 12 to 16 teams.

Infantino's long FIFA reign

Infantino will seek a third term as president when he is re-elected in March of next year. Infantino did not count as a term of office against the 12 year limit because he did not complete his unfinished term. If Infantino stays until 2031, he will have been in charge of the organization for fifteen years.

The proposals include revising the inventory of youth tournaments, as well as expanding the Under 17 tournaments.

How will the 32-team Club World Cup work?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino
Image: FIFA president Gianni Infantino announced a 32-team Club World Cup to start in 2025

Infantino is the president of the world's largest sports organization.

The Club World Cup will be held in a location that will make it like a World Cup.

The Club World Cup of 32 teams will be played every four years and the first edition will be held in the summer of 2025.

The Confederations Cup will be slightly longer because there are 32 teams, but they will be the best teams in the world who will all be invited to participate."

We will decide where it will take place over the next few weeks or months in consultation with all of the stakeholders.

The decision to hold the Club World Cup was made by the council. We were the only football organization in the world that didn't organize a competition during the Pandemic.

We had a Club World Cup planned in 2020 with 24 teams that was canceled. We did that because we wanted to protect the health and well-being of players, and that's why we did not replace or delay it.

We didn't want the calendar to get too heavy. The Club World Cup isn't included in the $11 billion forecast for the next four years because it's not a part of the product. This Club World Cup is not included in the forecast. We will be able to invest more in world football over the next four years.

'European clubs don't want to be playing more games'

Sky Sports News has a reporter in the Middle East.

The expansion of the Club World Cup is going to be done byFIFA. It's going to be the best teams from around the world, but instead of having countries, you'll have clubs, according to Infantino. It's going to be controversial because how are you going to fit all these games in?

How are you going to fit in the new tournaments? Most of the European clubs don't want to be playing more games and the managers of other European clubs have also said they are against it.

If they were offered enough prize money to take part in the new competition, I'm sure they would change their minds. The early indications are that the first Club World Cup will be in the United States.

The next World Cup will be in Canada, Mexico and the United States, and if the Club World Cup goes ahead I think it will be in the USA. Even though European clubs are against it, Infantino doesn't care.

The majority of their revenue comes from the World Cup, which only happens four times a year. They want another competition that will bring in more money into their pocket.