The fish...

Fish tank in Radisson Berlin lobby bursts

The AquaDom is located in the Radisson Collection Hotel Berlin's lobby. There is an aquarium in the lobby that contains 265,000 gallons of water.

It is intended to be an attraction for outsiders as well as for hotel guests. The AquaDom has a glass elevator that goes through the center of the fish tank and offers some pretty amazing views.

The hotel and nearby streets were flooded when the aquarium burst in the early morning hours on Friday. This is terrible for the 1,500 tropical fish from over 100 different species that are now in the lobby and streets and two people were injured by glass shards.

The hotel has been closed and guests have been relocated. The street outside the hotel was flooded. The scale of the incident made it necessary for over 100 firefighters to respond.

The AquaDom opened in 2003 and was modernized a few years later. The world's largest cylindrical aquarium is held by it.

The cause of this is unknown

An investigation will be done into how the aquarium burst. There is no reason for authorities to think there was a targeted attack. There were no structural building issues as a result of this.

Bottom line

The lobby of the Radisson Collection Hotel Berlin contains the world's largest cylindrical aquarium. There was one million liters of water. I don't like the fish here. It can be bad for the jobs of those working at the hotel if you have a few people who sustained injuries.

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