YouTube Premium Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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  • YouTube begins testing a new queue feature for Android and iOS users.
  • Premium members can begin testing adding videos to their queue with the exclusion of YouTube Shorts.
  • Users can test these new features until January 28.

There is a feature for those using the web version of the platform that is currently being tested for those on the other side of the world.

The new "add to queue" feature is being made available for a limited time for both the iPad and the phone. The test is only available to members of the premium tier of the video sharing website. You can try the new feature by tapping your Profile icon.

Click on the three-dot icon after hovering over a video to add it to your queue. The same thing will be found for eligible mobile testers. The option to play last in queue has been changed by the video sharing site.

You will be able to find a menu at the bottom of your screen when you tap this. Users are able to rearrange the order of videos by dragging them. You can take a video out of the queue by moving it left or right.


The image is the first of three.

YouTube's queue feature in testing for Android and iOS.
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Adding a video to your queue on Android.
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The Premium exclusive
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While on the platform, you can choose to watch a series of videos in chronological order. Clicking the "X" or closing the window will dismiss the queue on the web version of the video sharing site. The entire list of ordered videos will be deleted if you remove the collapsed version of the queue menu.

The video will be added to the end of the queue if you have a queue open.

In this test, this queue is labeled as a "Premium feature", with videos being excluded from being added to a queue. The testing phase for the app will last until January 28, 2023. The platform and the testers will have a month to play with the feature and give feedback.

It is not clear if or when this feature will make it to the live build. Will it remain Premium only if it does?

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