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In the middle of the Covid lockdown, Janet was named CEO of Crate & Barrel. On her first day, she remembers walking into an empty building. Being a new CEO in the middle of a Pandemic is the most difficult thing to do. She and her team kept going. In the past two and a half years, the privately run furniture retailer has experienced tremendous growth, particularly in the home sector, as people have fitted out residences that now double as offices. The health of the economy can be seen in retail. The cost of materials has gone up due to inflation and the supply chain has been disrupted by the Pandemic. The next phase may be more difficult for some retailers.

The CEO of a retail giant has a unique perspective on the effects of the Pandemic. Customers demanded more from their homes and offices as lifestyles changed. Crate & Barrel had to respond quickly to these shifts. The company stayed focused on what remains consistent: customers' core expectations of value, quality, inspiration, and purpose.