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One of the wealthiest women in the world after her divorce from Jeff Bezos launched a website detailing how she chooses which groups to give her billions.

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Scott's allocation of her philanthropic contributions is explained on the Yield Giving website.

Scott and her team gather information on nonprofits as private and anonymous as possible, evaluating metrics, including steady finances, several years of measured success and strong leadership, indicating their likelihood of making a positive impact.

According to the site, Scott has already contributed towards reproductive health, youth development and literary and performing arts.

The site laid out the upcoming open call process for nonprofits to apply for funding during targeted online application rounds, narrowed by cause, area of operations or overall themes.

A database of all Scott's donations, including the dollar amount of most gifts, was published.

Scott explained in an essay posted Wednesday that the site is intended to break barriers and if more information about these gifts can be helpful to anyone, he wants to share it.

There is a total of fourteen billion dollars. According to the website, Scott has given to more than 1,600 nonprofits so far, matching Forbes estimate of $14.4 billion.

Forbes Valuations

Scott is the 52nd- wealthiest person in the world. Scott is the seventh richest woman on the planet and the fifth wealthiest American woman. The fourth richest person in the world is Bezos.

Key Background

Scott was named the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes last year. Habitat for Humanity has received the largest gift from Scott so far, amounting to $466 million. Scott has been more willing to part with her money. As of October, Bezos had donated just $2.4 billion to charitable causes, less than 20% of what Scott had given to that point. It is not easy to give money, with many donations proving to be ineffectual, according to Bezos.

The mystery of how and why she picks certain nonprofits is a puzzle.

The world's most powerful woman is a woman.

In the last seven months, she has donated $2 billion to hundreds of groups.