The US government is blacklisting several Chinese tech companies as part of a trade dispute with China.

It will be difficult to get a license from Washington if you want to supply the companies with US technology. The companies were going to be added to the list, according to a previous report.

The US wants to limit China's access to advanced chipmaking and artificial intelligence technology in order to keep it out of the military. In October, the Biden administration unveiled sweeping measures that limit what US companies can sell to the country.

The idea is to severely restrict China's ability to use artificial intelligence, advanced computing, and other powerful technologies for military modernization and human rights abuses. Efforts to detect and disrupt Russia's efforts to obtain necessary items and technologies will continue.

They were added to the list out of concern that they will work with companies that the US considers a risk to national security or support of the Chinese government.

China is trying to build a domestic chipmaking business and wean itself off imports. The entity list includes 36 companies.

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SMEE is China's leading lithography equipment maker. ASML is a Dutch company that makes machines that are essential to the production of the most advanced chips. ASML is the only company in the world that has a technological advantage over any other company.

flash memory chips are a type of component that stores data in mobile phones and personal computers. The company was making leaps and bounds in its production technology.

Almost all of Apple's phones are made in China and Yangtze Memory was in talks to supply them. It had already been hurt by the earlier rules. The entity listing makes it more difficult for the company to compete.

Beijing wants to develop a chipmaking industry. The country has poured a lot of money into it's domestic capabilities. The package will subsidize local chipmakers' purchases from the nation's equipment firms.

The Department of Commerce expanded restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence. Several of its affiliates were added to the list.

The US relaxed restrictions in some places. Some 26 entities will be removed from a preliminary list due to Beijing allowing US representatives to check that they are in compliance. Moscow prevented attempts to confirm how their technology is being used so they were put on the entity list.

There is a full list of companies.

  1. Anhui Cambricon Information Technology Co.
  2. AVIC Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites
  3. AZUP International Group Co.
  4. Beijing HiFar Technology Co.
  5. Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co.
  6. Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co.
  7. Beijing Vision Strategy Technology Co.
  8. Cambricon (Hong Kong) Co.
  9. Cambricon (Kunshan) Information Technology Co.
  10. Cambricon (Nanjing) Information Technology Co.
  11. Cambricon (Xi’an) Integrated Circuit Co.
  12. Cambricon Jixingge (Nanjing) Technology Co.
  13. Cambricon Technologies Corp.
  14. CETC Cloud (Beijing) Technology Co.
  15. CETC LES Information System Group Co.
  16. China Electronics Technology Group Corp. No. 28 Institute
  17. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology
  18. Guangdong Qinzhi Technology Research Institute Co.
  19. Hefei Core Storage Electronic Ltd.
  20. Key Laboratory of Information Systems Engineering
  21. Nanjing Aixi Information Technology Co.
  22. Nanjing LES Cybersecurity and Information Technology Research Institute Co.
  23. Nanjing LES Electronic Equipment Co.
  24. Nanjing LES Information Technology Co.
  25. PXW Semiconductor Manufactory Co.
  26. Shanghai Cambricon Information Technology Co.
  27. Shanghai Integrated Circuit Research and Development Center
  28. Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co.
  29. Shanghai Suowei Information Technology Co.
  30. Suzhou Cambricon Information Technology Co.
  31. System Equipment Co., Ltd. of the 28th Research Institute (Liyang)
  32. Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Technologies Co.
  33. Xiong’an Cambricon Technology Co.
  34. Yangtze Memory Technologies Co.
  35. Zhongke Xinliang (Beijing) Technology Co.
  36. Yangtze Memory Technologies (Japan) Inc.