Artificial intelligence can be used to solve big problems. Are you still uneasy with the way the system works? A number of stories from the past year show how this technology can have a positive impact.

Tackling Climate Change

Climate change can be prevented with more than one solution, something that requires more than one tool. Artificial intelligence is being used to improve climate decision-making, monitor forests, and share data. Building digital twins of the planet is one of the climate projects powered by artificial intelligence.

Improving Access to Nutrients and Water

People around the globe are at risk of health problems if they don't have access to a variety of food. The locations where people are more likely to suffer from deficiency are pinpointed by the model. Toxic lead pipes are a problem in many U.S. cities. Local governments can use a new tool to find and remove underground menaces.

Detecting Deadly Weapons

Thousands of people are killed annually by land mines. Researchers are working on a system that uses drones and machine learning to pick out unexploded weapons so they can be disarmed. The eye of a fly can be used to detect threats to drones and other objects.

Outracing Video Gamers

Human video game players were defeated by an artificial intelligence program. The game's developers will be able to give competitors a worthy opponent. Self-driving car researchers can use the program's success to inspire their own work.

Diagnosing Life-Threatening Health Problems

One of the leading causes of death in hospitals is sepsis, and researchers tested an artificial intelligence program to detect it. Positive feedback from the medical professionals who used it suggests that the program reduced health problems and deaths from sepsis. Human diseases aren't the only ones that can be combated by artificial intelligence.

Cracking the Protein Code

Every function in the human body is dependent on the long chains of amino acids folded into complex structures that are carried out by our genes. Predicting what shape that chain will take can take a long time. AlphaFold, an artificial intelligence program from DeepMind, predicted the structure of just about every knownprotein. It's estimated that there are 200 millionProtein shapes. One of the knottiest problems in biology has been solved by an artificial intelligence.

Reviewing Wine and Beer

Do you want to see how a dry white wine tastes? An artificial intelligence can help you decide what to drink by combining reviews. The program could be expanded to include reviews of many other products.

Predicting Viruses with Pandemic Potential

Cases of carbon dioxide are on the rise. Researchers are using an artificial intelligence tool to predict when a new variant of the coronaviruses will emerge and become dominant. Predicting tools can do more. Potentially helping researchers avert the next Pandemic is one of the programs programmed to examine viruses currently spreading through the animal kingdom.

Busting Illegal Drug Development

There are small differences between novel designer drugs and recreational drugs. Some of the governmental regulations on these substances can be circumvented by the designer versions. They can affect health in unforeseen ways. Regulators have to play a game of whack-a-mole to keep these substances out of the hands of humans. A database of potential designer drugs was created with the help of an computer program. It could allow governments to act quickly.

Protecting Biodiversity

Technology is seen as a force in conflict. It doesn't have to be like that. Data from at-risk environments can be used to measure the biodiversity of that environment. Mountain lions are being monitored by researchers using facial recognition technology.

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